Newsletter #21 19 December 2019

     Learners Today. Leaders Tomorrow.

Principals Report

Grade 6 Graduation


The final week of school has been exciting for all, but particularly for the graduating Grade 6 students who will be heading off to Secondary School in 2020. From Prep students in 2013 to graduates in 2019, we can’t quite believe how quickly their primary years have passed.

At the Graduation ceremony on Monday evening, a most talented, grateful, caring and enthusiastic group of Year 6 students introduced each other and made a speech. Thank you also to the students who volunteered to make additional speeches. If you believe as I do that “the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts” then our students can look forward to a wonderful future. Attending the Graduation Ceremony on Monday at school in the Wendy Wilson Hall were staff, family members and friends and it was really gratifying to see so many of you in attendance.


Thank you and congratulations to Mr David Jenkins and Ms Claire Piscioneri for their extraordinary skill in preparing the students for the night and to all the teachers for their outstanding contribution made to each student’s learning over their journey at GHPS. We greatly appreciated Mr Aitken for setting up the band, the stage and the sound system, Denise Rimanic for doing anything and everything to assist the Year 6 team and students, Ms Luca-Lely for assisting with hall setup and Ms Juz de Bruyn for their artwork. The school is also appreciative that the School Council President, Craig Matthews was able to make the annual speech on behalf of the school council and community to congratulate the graduation class of 2019 and offer his sentiments to the students.

Awards for academic, sporting, specialist classes, encouragement and civics & citizenship were proudly presented. Congratulations to all our Grade 6 students on their effort and achievement right the way through their primary years and to the following students who received awards for high achievement:

Swimming – Emma Blair

Daniel Bell Athletics Award – Jaikiah Honner

John Beddoe Sports Award – Aditya Reddycharla and Dakota Kringas

Library – Luba Mikhailouskaya and Aksh Ajbani

Art – Daniel Sallay and Luba Mikhailouskaya

Wendy Wilson Music Award – Mahathi Mahesh and Aarushi Shankhdhar

The Party Hats Award – Casper Agnew-Mildren

eSmart Digital Learning – Daniel Morris, Romani Parrish and Archer Conquest

Environmental Awareness – Xavier Dench and Chris Sequiera

Research and Enquiry – Daniel Morris, Emma Blair, Imogen Matthews, Mahathi Mahesh, Romani Parrish and Salil Gudup

Leadership – Will Short and Josh Smith

Japanese – Hirofumi Noda

Creativity – Daniel Sallay and Daniel Morris

English – Dash Jordon, Imogen Matthews, Mahathi Mahesh and Yashvi Oswal

Mathematics – Aditya Reddycharla, Mahathi Mahesh, Yashvi Oswal, Aksh Ajbani, Romani Parrish, Param Dave and Shoma Rudd.

Ruth Roberts Award – Chiara Pecorari

Civics and Citizenship Award – Aditya Reddycharla and Imogen Matthews

All Grade 6 students will again be acknowledged at the Final Assembly on Friday 20 December.

FINAL ASSEMBLY Yesterday parents would have received a notice advising that the final assembly for 2019 will be held at 9am not 12pm due to the forecast that there will be extremely hot weather conditions. Apologies for the change but we can’t do anything about the weather and the Hall would be way too hot for the students. Students will return to class after the Assembly as usual. The End of term 4 dismissal time is 1.30pm so please be on time to collect your child. TheirCare will collect any child booked into Afterschool care.

CASUAL DRESS DAY The last day of term will be a casual dress day and bring a gold coin donation which will go to the Farmers Drought Appeal. Thank you for your support in advance.

2020 Student Leadership

The 2020 School, House, Sport, eSmart, Sustainability and Music Captains will be announced by Mr Swanson and Mrs Melinda Oldham and this year’s Student Leaders to present them with their badges at the final assembly. The process which the Grade 5 students have gone through to apply for these leadership positions has been provided to all Year 5 parents and students. Mr Swanson, Mrs Oldham, Ms Tinetti and I have been extremely impressed in the way the students have prepared their applications, and then how the shortlisted students have spoken in the interviews. There has also been prepared speeches made to their peers in Grade in 3 – 6 and also had an interview with myself, Mr Swanson, Mrs Oldham and Ms Tinetti for all other roles. I look forward to congratulating these students.

Transition for Students and Staffing 2020

All students in Grades Prep – Grade 5 have taken part in moving to their 2020 classroom area. They will no doubt be excitedly looking forward to next year and seeing who their teacher will be. As per the usual, there will be new families arriving or leaving over the holiday period that we don’t know about as yet. We will still be confirming classes when staff return on 28 January, so we ask for your support in announcing the student’s class when they return.

Moving day Teachers who will be relocating to a new teaching space in 2020 have been assisted to move items this week. Enormous thanks to Ms Tinetti and all the members of staff for moving everything so efficiently. The updated classroom levels and locations are as follows:

2020 Classroom locations and new numbering

2020  20 classes Rooms 
Principal Mrs Libby Alessi Principal Office
Assistant Principal Ms Amy Tinetti AP Office
Business Manager Ms Julie Bruce Main Office

OHS & Education Support

Laura James – Clark

Ruth Kinyua-Smyth

Main Office
Uniform Shop Lisa Oliver Upstairs East Site
Little Book Worms & Education Support Lisa Oliver

Tania Casonato


(former Library)

Education Support Jenny Grose, Denise Rimanic

Tanya Matthews

Prep Ms Mikaela Ristos

Ms Ashleigh Smart

Ms Ivana Novakovic




1 Ms Meagan Atkins

Mrs Yasmin Moran

Mrs Emma Murnane

Ms Kate Rhind







Mrs Eugenia Sassos

Ms Olivia Leung

Ms Danni Chau




3 Mrs Shannan Fox

Ms Liv Fourniotis



Ms Kamila Krauze

10 Mod 5 on asphalt



4 Mrs Ashleigh Casas

Ms Jasmine Roth

Mr David Jenkins




5 Mr Callum Swanson

Mrs Mel Oldham

23 Oval Mod 5


6 Mrs Alysha Jones

Ms Claire Piscioneri

25 Oval Mod 5


EAL East



Tree House Reading

Mrs Lexie Boomsma

Ms Amandine Lucas-Lely

Anu Velamakanni

Ariane Mazis


16 & 17

Library Ms Amandine Lucas-Lely 16 & 17
Art Ms Juz de Bruyn 21
PE & Sport Ms Marie Kasambalis WW Hall
Choir, Band, Music/


Mr Andrew Aiken WW Hall
Choir, Band


Laura James Clarke WW Hall
Cabaret Costumes Tania Casonato

Lisa Oliver

Cooking Fiona Davey WW Hall
Handyman John Tinetti  

 Curriculum Provision / Strategic Plan

The intent, Key Improvement Strategies and Goals of the 2017 – 2020 School Strategic Plan (SSP) is driving the changes and forward direction of the school. In this third year of SSP, the 2019 Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) has been evaluated and will inform the 2020 AIP. In 2019 the major thrust of the strategic plan has been to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes through the Professional Learning Communities Initiative and by targeting Leadership: Vision, values and culture and a broad range of strategies including feedback, Observations and Learning Walks in classrooms. Student Agency and targeting English as an Additional Language (EAL) needs, which has expanded considerably over the last 3 years. Classroom programs have been supported through specialists in Visual Art, Japanese LOTE/Library, Music /Performing Arts, P.E. and Cooking through the parent levy. The arrival of two Mod 5 building relocatable, the completion of the oval redevelopment and the start of master planning have been considerable achievements in 2019. Further support has been provided through an increase in time for Tree House Reading which has been coordinated by Ariane Mazis. The Program for Students with a Disability (PSD), Language learning Difficulties and EAL /Butterfly House has supported student needs. The school may receive additional relocatable buildings in 2020.

Semester 2 Student Reports

Teachers have worked incredibly hard to write the Semester 2 Reports which were distributed yesterday. It is highly rewarding to read about the students’ effort, behaviour and achievement and to read all about the impact of everyone’s teaching. The dedication of all staff is a standout and all have worked tirelessly to bring out the very best in every student every day. Student highlights are always interesting to read about and here’s a few I read:

  • Friends and teachers: I hope you remember my name and I’ll try my best to remember yours
  • I’ve really enjoyed really good friends and an excellent teacher. The teachers in year 6 were loyal and flawless. The teachers are always looking out for us and caring about us.
  • Athletics: It was great apart from not doing that well personally
  • Cooking: It was really about teamwork and working with each other. I really loved working with my table group. Fiona runs a good cooking class and whatever we made was great.
  • Fete: The fete was fun when I sponged the teachers. I liked the food stalls and I had a lot of candy. We guessed the number of jellybeans in a jar. We immensely enjoyed the experience. My old school didn’t have one. We played with our friends during pack up and had so much fun. I hope the money goes to a worthy cause. It must be everyone’s favourite. The tunnel of terror was a big hit. All of us decided on decorations. We covered all the sides of the table so we could put decorations inside. The tunnel was made of garbage bags, tables and spooky props from home. I loved seeing the Art.
  • Cabaret: We are really lucky to have a Cabaret every year. The lead up to it was awesome and fun and the pressure to perform well in front of everyone was fun. Playing in the Grade 5 band in the Second Chairs. Learning the steps to the dances and laughing with our friends. Showing it to the whole school was exciting. Music: it’s my favourite and as you know I love music
  • Library: A great Library teacher and I liked the Reading Challenge
  • Inquiry topics making balloon powered car. I enjoyed it because it was fun working in partners. We named the car and the best part of the topic was the big race. Factual content in reading groups relating to Science and Geography

I am sure parents will enjoy reading about their own child’s reflection as much as I did.

I have been extremely impressed by so many student’s improvements and outcomes and in recognition of outstanding achievement and/or outstanding attendance in Semester 2. Principal Awards were presented at last week’s assembly for academic achievement and due to time restraints attendance awards will be presented to students in their class room. Thank you very much to Mr David Jenkins for all his leading the 2019 reporting and assessment process and to Ms Amy Tinetti who shared the reading of all student reports with me.

All the very best to Mr Bill Manuel who will be starting his new life! 

A bit of Mr Bill Manuel History! He commenced teaching in 1977 and after teaching at Merri PS, for three years, was made permanent at Moreland PS in 1980, where he taught for 4 years. In 1984 he taught at Debney Meadows, then in 1986 taught at Yarraville PS. Somewhere in between, Bill did relieving work for the region. He was appointed at GHPS in 1992 as a senior teacher. His teaching record when applying for GHPS describes him as a dedicated classroom teacher who creates a very good educational environment and gains a ready response from children staff and parents. Nothing has changed- this still goes some way to describing Bill! He was the leader and co-ordinator of the Grade 5/6 team, which was one of the teams I was in and he was great.  As well as his professional skills, he has been known as the serial practical joker by the staff. One of his fond memories is of coaching the cricket team of 1997 to the State Championship and winning. Those students would now be 34 years old.


He taught Grade 6 in Room 7 upstairs on the East for 17 years until he moved to Grade 3/4 team in 2009. Bill was also on School Council for 16 years. He acted as Assistant Principal but really preferred teaching in the classroom. He moved to the Grade 1 team in 2014 and has remained in the Junior school since as Prep to 2 sub school leader. Over the many years he has been the Leader of Science and the Maths Learning Specialist. Bill was recognised at a ceremony earlier this year for his 45 years of service to DET and government education at the 2019 Victorian Education Service Awards. He has been an amazing staff member and mentor and we will miss him a great deal. We just really can’t believe it, but definitely hope Bill can be a CRT for us next year. We wish him a fabulous 2020.

Fantastic Community: Thank you to everyone for your amazing contribution this term! It’s always such a busy one and every year we seem to have more to do, so thank you for displaying such a positive attitude and your support for GHPS. Have a great holiday, a lovely break and we look forward to seeing you back at school on Wednesday 29 January for students in Grade 1-6 and Prep on Thursday 30 January. There will be a welcome morning tea put on by GPA, which will be a nice way to start their journey at GHPS.

Libby Alessi      Principal

A message from your Assistant Principal:

What a fantastic, fun filled and fast 2019 school year we have had! Our school grounds have changed so much over the year, with the installation of 2 new Mod 5’s and seeing our new oval come to life! Our School Fete was a great success and once again seeing all of the students perform in the Cabaret was a proud moment!

As I do at the end of each term, I ask the students to do three things for me over the holidays. Sit down with your child/ren and talk and celebrate all the successes they have had this year and do these 3 things together over the summer break:

  1. Do 1 random act of kindness
  2. Read books together for pleasure
  3. Put DOWN the device and go outside and play

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and I look forward to working alongside you all in 2020.

Take a deep breath…

Inhale peace.

Exhale happiness.

A.D. Posey

Amy Tinetti   Assistant Principal

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award during the last 2 weeks.

Max 0F – for displaying a positive attitude in the classroom and being an excellent monitor.

Nanditha 0N – For your wonderful fluent reading in Book Club today. Keep up the fantastic work!

Manvith 0N – For the hard work you’ve put into improving your writing this semester. You should be very proud of yourself!

Vanshika 0S – For always using your manners and being polite to all teachers and classmates. Well done!

Ewan 1A – For showing focus and persistence during class this week and for helping others to complete learning tasks! Thank you for being a great peer to your classmates.

Veeksha 1A – For your incredible effort and focus during our mindfulness session. You should be very proud of your work!

Tengyi 1E – for always being a keen learning and making the most of our learning time. Your passion for learning is inspiring!

All of 1E – For being the most fantastic class all year. Your resilience, persistence and love of learning is inspiring. Thank you for a wonderful year!

Kasish 2C – For setting a positive example every single day. You have had a fantastic year. Well done!

Lily 2C – For the breathtaking improvements you have made this year. You have worked so hard every single day. Keep up the amazing work.

Sahana 2L – For always being an encouraging and supportive classmate. Thank you for all your hard work this year!

Aniket 2L – For being an awesome trooper for the whole year and always giving 110% in everything he does!

Samiksha 4C – For always being eager to improve in all learning areas and focusing on set tasks to produce high quality work.

Adwaith 4C – For effectively collaborating with your peers during group projects through direct and open communication. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Aradhya 4R – For working hard to complete your learning tasks this week. Keep up the great work!

Hasini 4R – For working hard to share your ideas more regularly in group discussions. I loved hearing your responses during guided reading this week!

Mahathi 6J – Superb and sensational singing and magical and precise musical leadership, during our full band Graduation song rehearsal.

Daniel G 6J – Creative, clever and talented artwork and drawings with your Earn and Learn business, “Dan’s Journals” and with our Graduation ceremony publications.

Abhaysurya 6J – Co-writing an excellent and moving Graduation speech.

Congratulations to Hasini, 6J, for receiving a ‘Junior Best in Drill Award 2019’ from Air League Moorabbin Air Museum Squadron.

The Air League!

On Monday 9th December, I received an award for Junior Best Cadet In Drill. The meaning of this award is, a cadet who performed well in a drill. A drill includes, marching in time with other cadets and the first officer tries to find the overall best performer in the drill. 

The Australian Air League is an organisation to inspire children, teens and older ages, to learn how to fly aircrafts. You also learn about physics, meteorology, astronomy and more.

I have also an award Certificate for the J.B.C.I.D. (Junior Best Cadet In Drill.) I passed an exam and I received a badge. I also presented with a medal for participation.

I was really happy and surprised that I was given these awards!

I really would like to thank Glen Huntly Primary School for giving me the courage and the motivation to help me become the person I am today.

 Written by: Hasini T 6J

Cooking Program

Africa brings us home!

We have finished off the year on a high with some delicious African desserts. We popped over to South Africa for Malva Pudding and Kenya for Mandazi (East African Donuts) – which were both new dishes to me as well. We saved the juniors from the sticky Mandazi dough and replaced it with Chocolate Coconut Balls – which I have been making since I was in primary school 😊


I have been so impressed all year with the student’s eagerness to try, not just things they hadn’t tasted before but many things they had never even heard of before. The other highlight of my year has been hearing back from students (and parents) how they have made our class recipes at home. Gyozas and Tacos topping the list for popularity.

A highlight of this term was our Grade 6 Graduation Lunch – a shared sit down 3-course lunch, which also revisited Mexico and Italy. Made entirely from scratch, 6P were up first to prepare Pull Apart Garlic Bread and Mandazi, then 6J teamed up to create Chicken or Cauliflower Enchiladas, complete with homemade enchilada sauce.


It was something new and daunting for me, so I was delighted to see their stellar teamwork and to hear them enjoying each other’s company over lunch as they chatted and enjoyed the fruits of their labour. Thanks to Claire and David for your support and thanks to our wonderful Grade 6 students for making it work. I wish you all the best with Year 7.

All recipes have been added to the GHPS website so you can try them out at home. It can be found under the Learning/Curriculum/Specialist Programs section of the GHPS website or using this link

Finally, thank you to the teachers, ES staff, student teachers and parents who help me in class each week. Your assistance is invaluable and it is obvious how much the children enjoy working alongside you.

Three helpers deserve special mention for each offering regular assistance over several months, with classroom help, dishes/clean up and managing the cooking in the kitchen. Huge thanks to Rosy Eppinger (former staff), Jacqui Wright (Madison – Prep F) and Heidi Powell (Riley – 4R).

Enjoy the holidays and we’ll see you back in the kitchen for 2020.

Cheers, Fiona

Uniform Shop 2020

     The Uniform Shop will be open 

Thursday, 9.00am – 10.00am, in 2020.

Put Your Name On It!

We would like to remind everyone to please put your child’s name on their school uniform and other belongings.

All unnamed uniform will be washed and put into the secondhand uniform shop.

Notices distributed to parents

5 Dec                 Prep – 2 Students                              End of Year Picnic

9 Dec                 Year 3-6 Students                            Music Melodies Keyboard Lessons

16 Dec              All Families                                         Final Day Early Dismissal

Wed 18            All Families                                       Last Day Assembly 9.00am



Thur 19         Year 3-6 Movie Excursion

Thur 19         Prep – 2 Picnic

Fri 20             Final Assembly – 9.00am

Fri 20            Final Day Term 4 – Early Dismissal 1.30pm



Tue 28           Teachers resume

Wed 29         Year 1 – 6 Students resume

Thu 30          Prep Students begin

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