Newsletter 25 August 2016 – #25

Principal’s Report

“Anything Goes” Cabaret 2016

It certainly has been a very, very exciting lead up to, and performance of, the 2016 GHPS Cabaret! There have been months of planning, rehearsals, costume design, dancing, singing, playing instruments, all in readiness for this much awaited and anticipated annual event. It was amazing to see the stage so alive with entertainment.

A big combined thank you and congratulations to the excellent teachers of Music and Dance, Laura James-Clark, Mr John Jacobs and Mr David Jenkins, TOGETHER with our amazing students in every single grade who were such stars on the night and who made all the teachers and parents feel extremely proud.

The stage looked great with the big, bright and sparkly Anything Goes backdrop and stage art work which Mrs Sonnberger and the students created for the night. The artwork which decorated the front of the stage looked very colourful. Each picture was a “view” through a porthole window.  Thankyou also to the student artists whose art work donned the cover of the GHPS Program; Bianca W-S and Yashasvi 6J.

All the items performed showcased the wide variety of talent that exists within our students and staff and what a wonderful opportunity it gave everyone to be entertainers. The students’ performances were so much fun to watch and I was ecstatic to see them enjoying themselves so much!

Each class dressed in their costumes looked so amazing and Shirley Mirams has once again done the most brilliant job of ensuring everyone was decked out and looked the part of the stage performer. She is an absolute star including the way she collects all the costumes when you return them to school, then washes them and packs them away. Thank you also to Ms Julie Bruce for her extra work in sales and ticketing both at school at the front of house.

The staff that performed this year also had a great time and rehearsed very hard and with a lot of laughs along the way. We wanted to put up a very convincing dance routine that we have only been able to learn with the help of the amazing Laura! We greatly appreciate her patience and creativity and we, like the students, tried to remember all of the moves.

The Grade 6 students who were our MC’s for the evening were articulate, clear and interesting. They did us proud with their commentary and stage presence and Mr Jacobs rehearsed with them many, many times to enable them to be as confident as possible.

Watching and listening to The Party Hats perform was inspiring and they played so well. The Choir did us equally proud and sang beautifully as a group. It’s always a joy to hear them singing!

Lots of photos were taken by Nola Woo, James Blair and Anandh Bala and we thank them for capturing the entire evening on their cameras. We also thank Daniel Wolfe very much for lending his camera to James to use. The print outs will be displayed shortly in the office area for parents to purchase if they wish. The video recording of the night is on sale for $25.

Thanks so much for being a great audience and I can’t wait for next year!

Golden Certificate of Appreciation

It’s the end of an era in some ways for Shirley as she has declared this is the last time she will be our Costume Coordinator. We all have treasured and marvelled at her creative genius. We hope Shirley enjoyed receiving the framed Certificate of Appreciation.


Baby Boomsma

We were so excited to receive the news of a new baby in our GHPS family. Congratulations once again to Lexie and Sion, and thank you for the lovely photo of Oliver Edward.


2016 District Athletics Friday 2nd September

Congratulations to the squad of 28 Grades 3- 6 competitors who have been selected to represent GHPS at the Caulfield District Athletics Competition to be held at the Duncun McKinnon Reserve. Thank you to Mr Paul Hanna for coordinating the event. A notice is going home with students today.

Father’s Day Stall Friday 2nd September

Thank you so much to GPA who will be organising the Father’s Day Stall at school on Friday 2nd September and giving our students the opportunity to purchase something special for dad.

The students attending the District Athletics on this day will have the opportunity to purchase from the stall on Thursday afternoon, 1st September, between 3pm and 3.45pm.

Don’t forget to send some money with your child next week so they can do their bit of shopping in ready for Sunday 4th September and surprise dad.

2017 Enrolments

Workforce planning at GHPS for next year is underway which includes planning for the numbers of students who will be enrolling in Prep and the numbers of students at all levels.

If you have child at kinder this year who you intend to enrol for Prep in 2017, kindly fill out an enrolment form and drop it into the office. Likewise, if you will not be attending GHPS next year due to relocation, please advise us as soon as possible before the end of term.


In Victoria from May to August sun protection is not usually needed and we try the get some winter vitamin D. Of course, you always need to check the sun protection times to be sure.

As of Monday, September 6th we ask all students to get their hats out to wear to school and be Sunsmart.

Hats are available at the Uniform shop at school which is open on Wednesday if your child requires a new one. This is a compulsory uniform item and please remember that we do not allow baseball caps to be worn as they do not offer adequate coverage.


Next week Mrs Mandy Zent will be taking two weeks LSL and we will welcome Mrs Robyn Kennedy to replace her. I will be taking long service for 9 days from 6th – 16th September.

Meeting Reminders:

Publicity & Marketing: Tuesday 30th August at 7pm in the East Site Staff Room
Finance and School Council: Monday 5th September at 6.30pm and 7pm
End of Term 3: Early Dismissal 2.30pm Friday 16th September

Exciting Events

Literacy & Numeracy Week 29th August
Prep – and 3-6 Disco: Saturday 10th September
Responsible Pet Care P -2 – Monday 12th September
Science Night for Parents, Students and Staff – Tuesday 13th September
Book Character Parade P -3 – Friday 16th Sep- 12-1pm

Libby Alessi     Principal



Specialist Report:

In each specialist class, the teachers are already in full swing in the second semester. There are plenty of learning tasks taking place in each of our specialist classes, which are designed for the students to reach their full potential.

Physical Education:

This semester the Preps continue their Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) and it’s been great to see that students have already been improving their balance, co-ordination, memory and fine motor skills. This semester the Preps are also working on ball bouncing skills and striking sports (e.g. tennis, modified T-ball and cricket).

The Year 1 and 2 students have completed a unit on cricket and tennis and are just about to start basketball. They will learn about offense, defence, dribbling, shooting and team work. They will also participate in striking sports and the end of year swimming program at Monash University.

The Year 3-6 students have completed a tennis unit and are about to begin Hockey and striking strategies. In Term 4, the Year 3-6 students will learn about T-Ball, Cricket and will improve their swimming skills at the end of year swimming program at Monash University.

On Friday 2nd September, the district Athletics team will compete against nine other schools at Duncan McKinnon Athletics track. Students have already been busy practicing for this event, which is great to see.


In Term 4, the Year 5 and 6 students will be again participating in interschool sports. This will be a weekly competition running for 6 weeks, which involves home and away games in Basketball, Softball and Volleystars. Best of luck to all Year 5 and 6 students and hope we come away with some wins.


Mr. Jenkins has been very busy teaching classes their song for the cabaret while Laura has been taking each class to teach the choreography.

For the rest of Term 3 and Term 4, the students will be shifting their focus to melody, creating, notation, filming/editing and appraising melodic compositions. Well done and keep up the great work.


Mrs. Sonnberger continues her fantastic work and the students keep producing excellent results. For the rest of Term 3 and Term 4 the students will be working on construction, collage, printmaking and threads and textiles. Mrs. Sonnberger has also been working hard getting the stage ready for Cabaret. Well done on all your wonderful work.

Indonesian and Library:

Mrs. Zent, our fantastic Indonesian and Library teacher, has adjusted to her new room and continues her great work with the Prep to Year 6 students. In Indonesian, the preps are learning about colours and numbers, the Year 1 and 2 students are learning about pets, the Year 3 and 4 students are learning about transport while the Year 5 and 6 students are learning about My Day.


Mr. Jacobs and Laura have been very busy working with the choir and band over the entire year. I’m sure all their hard work was evident after watching the Party Hats and the Choir perform at the Cabaret. Well done on all your great work John and Laura.

Paul Hanna   PE/Sport


All library books need to be returned to Mrs Zent



Remember to order your GHPS 2016 Cabaret DVD at the office.  $25.00 each

Students of the week

Tanvi 0F – being a great leader and a caring friend.Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ during last week’s assembly.
Alyx 0B – fabulous effort in improving her reading.
Kadiss 0B – awesome personal best independent recount writing.
Pratham 0F – fantastic efforts during Monster Maths.
Varshana 0P – being a dancing champion and leading and teaching your class about how to perform their Cabaret dance.
Hanshal 0P – doing a fabulous job using Numicon when adding numbers.
Ravi 0P – for being an expert and a leader during computer time.
Dakshitha 1E – persisting with her addition and subtraction exit card.
Bhavya 1E – excellent recount writing during free writing this week.
Ben 1M – his contribution to class discussions on how light and shadows work.
Aditya 1M – taking care when using punctuation in risky writing.
James 1M – consistently using capital letters in his writing.
Giselle 2M – exceptional work skills in Monster Maths.
Clara 2M – eagerly engaging in the light enquiry discussion.
Alicia 2T – your superb sizzling start and tightening tension in writing.
Anara 2T – your amazing creativity in your acrostic poem.
Fred 3F – sensational knowledge of multiplication strategies and willingness to challenge himself.
Sophia 3F – exceptional work during our reading groups.
Prithika 3S – impressive number work this week.
Will 3S – awesome oral presentation on famous sports people.
Jim 4/5A – For Creating and interesting ending of his story in his 7 steps to writing success.
Kobie 4/5A – For bouncing back and demonstrating resilience when dealing with misunderstanding.
Metteya 4/5A – For a productive writing session in his 7 steps to writing success.
Pragnita 4/5K – creating a beautiful picture about the “Last Lunchbox” and working well with her team partner.
Freya 4/5P – delightfully funny limericks.
Hari 6J – Electric Energy demonstrated in cabaret stage entry practise.
Sofia 6J –  An awesome week of dedication to education.


Important GPA Dates – TERM 3

(11 July – 16 September)

Friday, 26 August 2016 – Cadbury Fundraiser money due back
Friday, 2 September 2016 – Fathers’ Day Stall
Friday, 9 September 2016 (2.15PM – 3.15PM) – GPA Meeting in the Art Room (West site) – All welcome
Saturday, 10 September 2016 (8.00AM -1.00PM) – September Farmers Market (Grade 3 Families)
Saturday, 10 September 2016 (afternoon) – Kids Disco – SAVE THE DATE
Friday, 16 September 2016 (lunchtime) – Pie lunch for last day of term

and many more exciting events to come

The Glen Huntly Parents Association (GPA) is the social and fundraising sub-committee of Glen Huntly Primary School.  We are a group of parents who organise fun activities and events for the children and the school community.  We also coordinate fundraising activities which provide much needed funds for our school.  We are always keen to welcome new members

– come along to our next meeting or let the office know if you would like to be added to our mailing list.

Read on to find out about:

  • REMINDER – Cadbury Fundraiser – money/chocolates due back today (Friday 26 August)
  • THANK YOU to everyone who helped at the Soup Lunch last Friday
  • Father’s Day Stall on Friday 2 September – callout for volunteers and donations
  • September Farmers Market on 10 September – callout for volunteers from Grade 3 to fill roster
  • Kids Disco on 10 September (5-7 pm) – tickets on sale now – callout for volunteers
  • Icy-pole and hot chocolates – on sale Friday lunchtime

Find a list of open SIGN UP rosters (including a brand new, Term 4 – Cake Raffle roster) at the end of this newsletter and SIGN UP!

Cadbury Chocolate Drive – Money due back this Friday (26 August)

Cadbury chocolate boxes went home a couple of weeks ago – thank you to all the families who took them home and to those who supported our fundraising by making a donation instead.  All money raised will go towards our Capital Works Project and assist with the purchase of split system air conditioners and classroom furniture.

Thank you to the following parents who helped at the Soup Lunch last Friday, either purchasing supplies or serving and cleaning up under some pretty nasty weather conditions: Jenn, Nicole, Christine, Tara, Yvonne, Lavanya and Vidya. Thank you also to all the families who supported this fundraiser – we served up 210 orders (50 litres of soup).

Fathers’ Day – Friday 2 September

The GPA will be running its Father’s Day Stall on Friday 2 September in the Art Room (on the West Site). We will stock the stall with some great gifts organised by the GPA, supplemented with any gifts, plants and of course baked goods donated by our school community.

We need your help:

  • Baking (40+ spots available)
  • Setting up the Art Room on Thursday 1 September from 1pm (6 spots)
  • Selling gifts to students in the Art Room on Friday 2 September between 9am – 1pm (multiple spots)

Simply follow the Fathers’ Day Stall link below in the SIGN UP section at the end of this newsletter or in the skoolbag notice and choose one spot or more. Alternatively, you can email to find out how you can help.

You don’t have to sign up to bake, but it will help us plan if you do and you will receive a handy reminder.

Instructions for Bakers

If you can help, please:

  • fill your cellophane bags with home-made items (such as chocolate balls, biscuits, fudge or gingerbread) or you can make a batch in a named container (so we can return it to you later) and we will bag them up for you. The options are endless – but please, no fresh cream or custard.
  • include information in each bag (or inside your named container) about what you have made, the ingredients you used, when it was made and who made it.
  • leave your home-made items at the Office before school starts on Friday 2 September, or bring them direct to the Father’s Day Stall.

Other donations

If you have any other items that you would like to donate or re-gift, you can also send these items into the school before Friday 2 September, or bring them direct to the Father’s Day Stall.

September Farmers Market – 10 September 2016 – CALLOUT FOR VOLUNTEERS

The roster is now open for the September Farmers Market. This month we are calling on Grade 3 parents and children to fill the roster. Let’s see if you can go all the way and fill every single spot (show us how it’s done!).

Simply follow the September Farmers Market link below in the SIGN UP section at the end of this newsletter or on the skoolbag and choose one spot or more. Alternatively, you can email to find out how you can help.

Disco time has been extended ‘til 8pm.

Parents picking up senior kids at 7.30pm can also join in the dancing fun ‘til 8pm.

Kids Disco – TICKETS ON SALE – on 10 September 2016 (5-8pm) in the Wendy Wilson Hall

Tickets are selling fast for the Kids Disco, returning this year on Saturday 10 September. Buy your tickets now from the Office by returning your order form and payment – tickets are $10 per child (friends are welcome too). The order form is also available on skoolbag. There will be no ticket sales on the door.

We still need your help:

  • Setting up the Wendy Wilson Hall on Saturday 10 September from 2-4.30pm (6 spots)
  • Supervising on the door from 4.30-7pm (5 spots)
  • Helping in the kitchen (serving hot dogs) (4 spots)
  • Cleaning up the Hall afterwards from 7-7.45pm (6 spots)

Simply follow the Kids Disco link below in the SIGN UP section at the end of this newsletter and choose one spot or more. Alternatively, you can email to find out how you can help.

Thank you to those who have already volunteered.


Icy-poles and hot chocolates can be purchased every Friday for $1 each. Children who bring their own cup receive a free marshmallow!  Thank you to Yvonne Balfour, Lavanya and Vidya for helping out last week. The roster has been filled for this term (see below).

Date Volunteers
26 August Nicole Verginis Fiona Davey Cassandra David-Shields
2 September Yvonne Balfour Cassandra David-Shields Reham
9 September Melanie Birkby Fiona Davey Cassandra David-Shields
16 September Melanie Birkby Yvonne Balfour Dianne Mentis

We need your help on the following open rosters

EVENT Date(s) SignUp link % Filled
Father’s Day Stall 1 and 2 September 27%
September Farmers Market 10 September 10%
Kids Disco 10 September 43%
Term 4 – Cake Raffle 7 October – 16 December 0%

We are now using the SignUp website to coordinate upcoming events. Here’s how the website works:

1) Click on the event specific link, or copy it into your browser to see the roster. The links to open rosters will also be provided on SkoolBag.

2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.

3) Sign up by entering your name, email address and phone number! It’s Easy – you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on SignUp.

SignUp does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address or if you need help, you can contact and we can sign you up.

The SignUp website will send you a reminder, and will let you change or cancel your spot if your circumstances change, or you can contact and we can change it for you.

Cake raffle

Congratulations to Libby Alessi on winning Craig Matthews’ delicious Chocolate Cake at last week’s assembly and thank you to Craig for joining our bakers’ list.

This week’s creation is from Briana Price- Robertson so don’t forget to bring your $1 coin and have the chance to win something delicious.

26th August Briana Price- Robertson
2nd Sept Rose Agnew
9th Sept Cassandra David-Shields
16th Sept Nicole Verginis




Fri 26th             Chocolate fundraiser money due back
Mon 29th         Sporting After School Program – Athletics
Tue 30th              Poetry with R J Bartholomeuz
Wed 31st          Sporting After School Program – Tennis


Thu 1st              Sporting After School Program – Softball
Fri 2nd                District Athletics
Fri 2nd                Father’s Day Stall
Mon 5th           Sporting After School Program – Athletics
Wed 7th           Sporting After School Program – Tennis
Thu 8th            Sporting After School Program – Softball
Sat 10th           Farmers’ Market
Sat 10th            Kids Disco
Fri 16th             Pie Lunch
Fri 16th             End of Term 3

Glen Eira City Council


Play – Keeping it Simple

Join Louise Dorrat in this interactive session as she shares her love of music and dance – confirming that simple play experiences are as suitable today as ever.

Glen Eira Town Hall – Caulfield Cup Room
7th September – 7.30pm
Cost $9.00
Book or 9524 3333

Registration and payment must be received prior to session. No refunds or exchanges



7PM – 9PM


Glen Eira Town Hall – Theatrette

Corner Glen Eira Road & Hawthorn Road, Caulfield

Speaker: My Green Garden’s Maria Ciavarella

Gardening tips for after Winter and what to grow in Spring and Early Summer.

Bookings are essential or 9524 3333


23rd Aug               All students          Final Cabaret info
18th Aug               Grade 3-5 students             GAFE


Sustaining Creativity: Children’s Program School     Holiday Activities

15 September – 2 October

During the September school holidays, kids and parents are welcome to drop into the Glen Eira City Council Gallery any time during opening hours to engage in creative explorations using sustainable materials.

All ages are welcome, with plenty of FREE interactive activities on offer, including collage, paper sculpture and drawing.  Fabulous fun for the whole family!  No bookings required.

You can also BOOK into the following FREE workshops facilitated by Do Re Me Creative.

Dates, times & age groups:

Workshop 1: Totally Totem. Age group: Primary, five to nine years

Sunday 18 September, 2.30pm – 4.30pm
Create a traditional totem pole using recycled cardboard cylinders, colourful paints and recycled textiles.

Workshop 2: Perfect Paper Sculpture. Age group: Secondary, 10 – 14 years

Wednesday 21 September, 2.30pm – 4.30pm
Explore the possibilities of recycled paper sculpture – learn folding and construction techniques to create unique 3D forms.

Workshop 3: 3D Vessels. Age group: Secondary, 10 – 14 years

Saturday 24 September, 2.30pm – 4.30pm
Create extraordinary art from everyday materials. Upcycle vintage vessels into stunning 3D sculptures with found assemblage techniques.

Workshop 4: Woven Wonders. Age group: Primary, five – nine years

Wednesday 28 September, 2.30pm – 4.30pm

Weave your way to creating a wonderful textile bowl using salvaged cardboard, upcycled yarn and hands-on-fun.


Glen Eira City Council Gallery
Glen Eira Town Hall, corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield
Monday to Friday, 10am-5pm.
Weekends, 1pm-5pm. Closed public holidays.

Bookings for facilitated workshops are required via:

Admission to all activities and workshops are free.

Limited places available to workshops.

Wheelchair access.


To purchase uniform please see the uniform page on the website.


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