Newsletter #5 – 4 April 2019

Principal’s Report

Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

Our school strategic plan and annual implementation plan have a clear focus on the Professional Learning Communities work. This term, all class and specialist teachers have been on a collaboration journey to further focus on improving learning and student outcomes. The school timetables has allowed teams to meet at least once per week for at least 50 minutes to discuss the curriculum and determine the best student learning applicable. From the curriculum, term planners and unit planners Area leaders and teams have evaluated the progression of their students. The Professional Learning Communities Leadership Team has evaluated and diagnosed the overall progress of term 1 and ensure that the students are at the heart of every decision making process.

During the term we have prioritized using a Department of Education Maturity Matrix to focus on three of the seven criteria: Vision, Values and Culture, Building PLC’s through a culture of collaboration for improvement and Curriculum Planning and Assessment – this third criteria will be a focus each term.

The remaining criteria will be a focus over terms 2-4 with information being conveyed through our communication channels. The Victorian Teaching and Learning Model also includes a Vision for learning to help create a unified set of values and beliefs to drive a high performance learning culture.

Whilst the work is very extensive, broadly speaking:

  • Staff and students have revisited the shared vision for the school, including talking about this at the Student Council meetings. The next step will be to communicate this with members of the School Council via the Sub- Committee meetings and then the wider community.
  • Staff has further articulated what it is we want our students to behave like, look like and sound like as learners when they leave our school.
  • Have used school data to lead staff to further understand how we all have collective responsibility for ALL students
  • Have led an identification process with staff of what “high expectations” means which has been clearly communicated to the community at the term 1 Information sessions for each level and Three Way Conversations.
  • Professional learning for staff has been informed by building their understanding of the continuum of learning and assessment, inducting new staff, with a focus on Mathematics and Literacy

During term 2, our goal is to have the vision and values appear more broadly and frequently on school documents, in the school office and all learning spaces throughout the school.

Easter Hat Parade

On Wednesday, 3 April, the annual Easter Hat Parade for the Junior Prep – 2 students took place on the East Site in the WW Hall. The students paraded and sang Easter songs which Mr Aitkens taught them this term during Music, and the Student Councillor reps from Grades 3-6 enjoyed helping out when they were parading. The Easter Bunny (aka School Captain Imogen) handed out eggs to the visitors with Veer, also our School captain.

All the hats looked very colourful and creative! The raffles were drawn and we hope it was a fun event for parents and everyone to attend.

Thank you very much to everyone who donated to the raffle, bought tickets and to the wonderful GPA members who prepared all the wonderful Easter Egg Hampers, and to Tina (Max Prep F & JP- 3F) who did a great job helping with extra tickets!

Student Council

The 20 members of Student Council and I have enjoyed our meeting this term and I am highly impressed by their thoughtful approach to GHPS and what they consider both with their teachers and independently.

Thank you to the Student Councillors for supporting the casual dress day and gold coin donation, which will go to the Royal Children’s Hospital. We had to change our meeting time till Friday this week and so there will be a report in the next newsletter.

Send off Term1 and start of term 2

I wish everyone a lovely and safe holiday and as there is a public holiday on Easter Monday, school will resume on Tuesday 23 April.

The first week of the term will also include ANZAC Day on 25 April.

We wish Mrs Murnane an extra special holiday as she will be on Leave until Monday 29 April.

Libby Alessi    Principal

A message from your Assistant Principal Amy Tinetti

Monitoring Screen Time:

Screens are a wonderful tool to use with children, however I hear from many parents that they are becoming increasingly difficult to monitor and manage.

Here are a few great examples of questions you could ask yourself to see if the child’s screen time is under control.

  • Do you have a plan to ‘manage’ screen time? Is it being followed?
  • Does screen use interfere with what your family wants to do?
  • Does screen use interfere with sleep?
  • Does the child easily transition between screen time and non-screen time? (ie will they get ‘off’ when directed?)

If after asking these questions, you are wanting to put in place some strategies to manage screen time, below is a link to some tips to get you started.

I hope everyone has a relaxing and safe holiday!

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

Amy Tinetti

Congratulations to the following students who have received a Student of the Week award

Mithra 0F – For her beautiful neat writing in our Prep F “I like” sentence book this week.

Adam 0F – For his excellent listening skills and participation during his cooking lesson this week.

Yana 0N – For being a kind member of Prep N and for always working hard to achieve her best

Ruby 0N – For impressing our visiting teacher with her creative thinking and mathematical skills. Keep it up!

Nanditha 0N – For being a wonderful helper and taking pride in keeping our classroom clean. Thank you!

Zachary 0R – For being a superstar helper to both his teachers and peers this week! Well done and happy birthday! 🙂

Jonah 0R – For being a wonderful handy helper this week and trying his best during writing this week. You’re a star!

Harrison 0S – For taking his time to complete his work and being an awesome helper in the classroom. Well done!

Ahana 1A – For doing a wonderful job in cooking this week. Well done!

Sonith 1A – For giving 100% effort in all of his class work. Thank you for always trying your best. Amazing!

Neil 1A – showing great focus and trying his best to sound out words during our ‘Let’s Write’ session.

Rey 1E – For his impressive effort with his reading and magic words.

Keya 1M – Your impressive writing skills this week. Your handwriting has improved so much this year.

Vritti 1M – For using different strategies including counting on and number lines to solve our addition problems in Monster Maths this week. You are a superstar!

Anirudh 2C – His thorough and very impressive timeline presentation.

Anvi 2C – Her enthusiastic attitude and a fantastic start to her time at GHPS.

Ganeeth 2L – For using his brilliant maths skills in adding two digit numbers. Amazing job!

Tyler 2M – Working hard to improve his story writing

Lucas 3F – His thoughtful contributions to class discussions and his outstanding efforts during group work.

Aarav 3F – For remaining focused and on all learning tasks

Srinidhi 3F – Her excellent efforts during our fast maths lessons

Ishani 3K – Always trying her best with all work and making improvments on her reading comprehension!

Sanjeev 3K – Being kind and considerate and always on the look out for ways to help others in the classroom! Well Done!

Emily 3K – Showing confidence to deliver her “My Identitity” presentation to the class. You were the first and your speech was excellent!

Byron 3S – Improvement in Maths

Stephanie 3S – Fantastic writing

Aanya 3S – Showing kindness to others

Aadhya 3S – Wonderful sizzling start in Writing

Arthur 4J – Terrific teamwork demonstrated Reading Eggs sequencing learning task

Aarushi 4R – For your diligence and attention to the Seven Steps whilst writing your narrative this week. Great work

Parth 4R – For your impressive drumming performance at Harmony Day this week. Amazing!

Suheyla 5O – displaying leadership skills in looking after new and younger students.

Alicia 5O – For displaying leadership qualities in all aspects of the curriculum

Michael 5O – Improved organisational skills

Sienna 5S – For showing good Attitude while doing class tasks and helping others.

Abhaysurya 6J – For being motivated to complete unfinished Literacy Group school tasks at home, in order to meet work expectation completion dates

A big congratulations to all GHPS participants in the Chess Interschool Tournament on 22nd of March.

Gordon 0R, Ishaan 1M, Hudson 2L, Max 2L, Nandini 3F, Stephanie 3S, Boris, James, Randheer, Rafael 4J, Sullivan 4R.

As usual GHP performed amazingly, narrowly securing 3rd place out of 12 competing schools, qualifying a team to continue on to the VIC state semi-finals in term 4!

Congratulations to Sullivan and Randheer for achieving 5th and 6th place respectively out of 84 participants.

We are proud to maintain such a strong chess club culture and look forward to more participants representing GHP at next term’s tournament.

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Little Book Worms

This week we made Easter hats and the Easter Bunny came to visit us!

We look forward to see you all again next term.

Lisa and Tania


In Term 1 we commenced our world tour of food. Each week students “travelled” to Mexico and cooked up their own Banquete Mexicano (Mexican Banquet). We made tacos, guacamole, salsa and toasted corn. The Grades 3-6 classes also did a great job making their own flour tortillas and taco seasoning. Some classes even had time for nachos too – the Preps did theirs with fantastic team work!

Recipes can be found under the Learning/Curriculum/Specialist Programs section of the GHPS website or using this link

Thank you once again for our kitchen helpers, especially Tharana Surireddy (Raghav 2M, Sindhura PF) and Heidi Powell (Riley 4R) who provided many weeks of assistance.

Thanks also to Angela Maglis (Diana 6P, Stella 5O, Sienna PS), Juliet Cairns (Charlotte 5O), Margo White (Anara 5S, Asher 2C), Cecile Dutrieux (Arthur 4J), Ramya Haridasyam (Sahasra 3S), Sally Parrish & family (Romani 6J, Tilly 2M), Sona Balasubramanian (Sahana 2L), Tara Vos (Hudson 2L), Briana Price-Robertson (Dash 6P, Sully 4R, Sahara 1M), Mamatha (Sajana PN), Samtha (Uchit PN), Jyothosma (Tanmayee PN), Srilatha (Hanish PN), Nikhut Fatima (Safwan PN), Bhari Wagh (Riyan PN), Priya (Mitra PN), Shameer and Rubina (Zaman PF), Gunja (Spriha PF), Saranya (Lagsheen Raj PF), Hayley Clift (Harvey PR), Diana Booth (Isla PR), Lakshmi (Akhilesh PR), Pranjali Autane (Praneedh PS). Apologies if I have missed anyone.

The children always love it when they have a family member working alongside them in the kitchen so I look forward to seeing you again next term.

Fiona Davey


We’ve had a great Term 1 of Tennis fun. Come and join us in Term 2.

See Information Below


Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or foster parents are eligible to apply for the Education State Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund.

To be eligible for the fund, a parent or legal guardian of a student attending a Victorian Primary School MUST hold a Pension or Concession Card or Centrelink Health Care Card.

This form is available from the office and must be filled out each year.

For more information, contact the office


We now have long leg Cotton Gabardine Pants available to order from the Uniform Shop.

Great for these cooler days.

Notices distributed to parents

March 26            Year 3 & 6 Students                     NAPLAN information

March 29               Year 6 students                           Movie permission

March 29                All students                                eduPass information

April 3                     3K students                                 Phone List

April 4                      1E students                                   Ms Murnane on leave




Fri 5 – Last Day of Term 1  Early Dismissal 2.30pm

Mon 22 – Easter Monday Holiday

Tue 23Term 2 Begins

Thu 25 – Anzac Day Holiday

Tue 30 – School Photos