Newsletter #6 – 2 May 2019

Principal’s Report

Welcome back to everyone to term 2.

I hope you had a wonderful break and enjoyed the Easter holidays. It was very nice to see everyone looking so refreshed and invigorated for the term ahead, which will be very busy. The students have settled back into school extremely well and I commend them for their excellent behaviour and effort.

School Captains Imogen and Veer spoke at the Friday Assembly last week to pay tribute to the Anzacs and commemorate Anzac Day.

Respect for our School Uniform

The uniform for GHPS looks absolutely fabulous on all students. When worn correctly, the colours are maroon, navy and white (polo shirt only). I ask that parents respectfully adhere to these 3 colours ONLY and do not send their children in other colours. Primarily, there is a problem when other colours are interchanged, such as sending your child in black or grey leggings or any other colour which is not part of the school uniform. Please do not dress your child in other coloured long sleeved tops under the maroon or white.

Please ensure that you adhere to our uniform code and only dress your child in the colours as stated. Parents have the added convenience of the uniform shop operational at school every Wednesday morning or completing the uniform order, which was attached with last week’s newsletter. Students not wearing the correct uniform colours are required to do so and I ask for all parents’ support in this matter. Please contact me if you require further advice or help with the uniform.

Good luck and congratulations

After commencing in an Education Support role at GHPS more than six years ago, Juliet Brianton has embarked on a new career move and will be taking up a job with the Public Service as of next week. It’s been a very quick timeline!

Juliet has been working with students across the school and in the Tree House Reading Program during her time at GHPS. We will miss her a lot but congratulate her on taking on another exciting venture.

Staff had a farewell for her yesterday and wished her much happiness with the next part of her working life.

Ariane Maziz, who has been reading with the Grade 1 and 2 students for two years, will work in the Tree House as of next Monday.

Ariane is looking forward to being at GHPS and we look forward to her highly valuable contributions.

Extra Curricula Activities at GHPS

GHPS is delighted that the Sporting Schools Coaching Program has been funded again by the Australian Sports Commission and will be recommencing this term from Tuesday 7 May. Places are always very tight and we are only funded to offer 30 spaces per activity. The program will run for 5 weeks and children may participate in AFL for Grade Prep -2, Netball for Grades 3-6 and Soccer (Football) for Grades 2 -6. A huge thank you to Ms Marie Kasambalis for organising the term 2 sports.

Mother’s Day and Stall at GHPS

Thank you to everyone who will support the up and coming Mothers’ Day Stall on Thursday 9 May and huge thanks to everyone on the wonderful GPA team who will be working to organise and source a great range of gifts and goodies. If you are able to help setting up, baking or donating gifts for the stall, please sign up if you would like to help.

The stall will be on the East Site in the WW Hall and I hope all the students enjoy this opportunity to personally select something nice to purchase and I know they really enjoy the time their class has at the stall. To all our Mothers and Grandmothers in the school community, I wish you a wonderful day on Sunday 12th May and maybe a sleep- in!

House BBQ

Congratulations to the members of Flinders House. Their House earned the most House Points last term and their reward is a free sausage sizzle which will be held next Tuesday 7 May at lunch time. Thankyou very much to GPA for providing the food and to John Tinetti, the handyman at GHPS for cooking the sausages. I hope all the members of Flinders enjoy their lunch reward. All the best to all Houses on Friday 3 May when they participate in the House Cross Country which will take place after the assembly in Lord’s Park.

Curriculum Day

Staff will be attending the final curriculum day for the year at Ripponlea PS to focus on the 2019 Annual Implementation Plan Goal: Writing. The presenter Misty Adoniou who is also working with the Department of Education at regional forums comes very highly recommended and will no doubt further inspire our very dedicated teaching staff even more. Thankyou Ms Tinetti for organising this professional learning with Ripponlea and South Yarra Primary schools.

Long Service Leave

I will be taking LSL as of Friday 10 May – Wednesday 5 June to do some travelling with family. Thankyou very much to Ms Tinetti who will be acting as Principal and to members of the PLC Leadership Team who will take turns to act as Assistant Principal during this time.

Libby Alessi    Principal

Congratulations to the following students who have received a Student of the Week award

Spriha 0F – For her beautiful neat handwriting during our holiday recount writing session this week.

Mithun 0N – For working hard in writing this week and for starting to participate in class work.

Sully 0N – For making an effort to stay on task and complete his work at high standard.

Mahanya 0R – For working extra hard this week to complete her patterns using shapes and colours.

Dion 0S – For your persistence when reading in class. Well done this term.

Isabella 1A – being a superstar student all term. It has been a joy to have you in 1A and we will miss you at GHPS. Good luck and have fun at your new school.

Rishikesh 1E – For his fantastic comprehension in reading.

Aaria 1E – For her wonderful and insightful retelling of the story about the Holi Festival.

1M – Congratulations on your hard work during term 1. Everyone in 1M achieved so much. Well done superstars.

Rudra K 1M – Your wonderful holiday recount writing.

William 2L – For being a supportive and encouraging peer in partner writing

Aliyah 2M – Improved  Story writing

Rishi 2M – A fantastic first week at Glen Huntly PS!

Carlos 4J – Awesome Identity project on your Filipino heritage.

Bela 4J – An excellent result on your Essential Assessment ‘Chance’ pre-test.

4R – for reading and returning the most amount of books in term 1! Keep up the good work! Miss Lucas-Lely.

Sharannya 4R – For your outstanding oral presentation about your cultural identity.

Abzel 4R – For your motivation to complete your writing task this week.

Evan 5S – For always striving to achieve his best and supporting his 5S classmates every day.

Hugo 5S – For volunteering his time in helping those with computer issues throughout the first week of Term 2.

Veer 6J – Always being a happy, bright, caring, extremely respectful, considerate and a positive leader in our class. You’ve consistently been an excellent role model so far this year.

Dakota 6J – For consistently  producing detailed and thoughtful high quality work and for reliably ensuring that all work expectations and due dates of task completion are met.

Will 6P – For his emotive and engaging summary of the history of the ANZAC’s.

Sustainability website

Please check out our Sustainability Captains website below for some useful tips.

Archer and Romani 6J


A day of remembrance, a day of sadness and sorrow, a day of bravery and courage. It marks all the brave Australian and New Zealander men and women that served and sadly lost their lives during war conflict.

The date is 25 of April, 1915. 16,000 ANZACs landed on the freezing beaches of Gallipoli at 6:00 in the morning. They jumped into the Icy waters. Meanwhile up on cliffs, Turkish soldiers readied their guns at the helpless ANZAC’s. You may wondering why they landed on such a terrible battle zone? Well actually they didn’t mean to. They decided to land 1.6 km north of Gallipoli.

The meaning of ANZAC

ANZAC is  an acronym. It stands for Australian New Zealand Army Corps. But for a lot of people ANZAC means so much more. For some it’s an attitude to be easy going, push the boundaries, to accept everyone and despite the danger, put your life on the line for others. For some, it’s a day which we commemorate with ANZAC cookies and a public holiday. For some it’s the saddest day on the calendar where they remember the family members they lost.

The failed mission

The intention of the plan was to force Turkey out of the war, with British battleships sent to attack Constantinople. This failed when the warships were unable to force a way through the straits known as the Dardanelles. Now a new plan was thought up.

ANZAC troops would land on the beach. This would eliminate the Turkish Land and Shore defences and open up the Dardanelles for the passage of the navy.

Although there was no real winner, in London large crowds watched 2,000 Australians and New Zealanders march. In Australia, there was strong support for the

day too, with between 60,000 and 100,000 people packing the Domain in Sydney.

Although thousands of people died or came home changed, ANZAC Day is a day in the year that most look forward to for many reasons.

Will Short  6P

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  • Preps receiving their Locomotor Licence meaning they can move in 6 different ways

  • Some P.E. incursions from Small Sided Soccer Association located in Caulfield who came to take Grade 2’s for a football session late in Term 1 as well as an AFL Auskick coach who took the Grade 1’s for a fun session.

  • A big congratulations to Adi in 6P who received two cricket awards from his local Cricket club. Great work Adi!

House Cross Country – Friday 3rd May

Year 5/6 Interschool Sport 1st Round – Friday 17th May

Lightening Premiership – Friday 24th May


Open Night: Wednesday 8th May at 7pm in our school Assembly Hall.

Tour dates: Friday 10th May & Tuesday 21st May 2019 915am to 10.15am.

Bookings for tours essential, please call office on 8520 9000.


Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or foster parents are eligible to apply for the Education State Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund.

To be eligible for the fund, a parent or legal guardian of a student attending a Victorian Primary School MUST hold a Pension or Concession Card or Centrelink Health Care Card.

This form is available from the office and must be filled out each year.

For more information, contact the office


We now have long leg Cotton Gabardine Pants available to order from the Uniform Shop.

Great for these cooler days.

Notices distributed to parents

April 5                        Prep Students                      P.M.P information

April 23                      Year 5/6 Students                Netball Training

April 23                      All Students                          Mother’s Day Stall

April 24                     All Students                           Sporting Schools Program

April 24                     All Students                           Ice-Block/Hot Chocolate Orders

April 26                     Year 2 Students                    Online Math Program

April 29                     Year 5/6 Students                Inter-School Sport

April 29                     All Students                          Curriculum Day Information

April 30                     Year 5/6 Students               Immigration Museum Excursion

May 2                          Year 3 – 6 Students                House Cross Country




Fri 3                Year 3 – 6 House Cross Country

Thu 9             Teeth On Wheels

Thu 9              Mother’s Day Stall

Fri 10              Curriculum Day

Thu 16           NO LITTLE BOOK WORMS