Newsletter #7 26 May 2023


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Education Week

Last week, to celebrate Education Week, we held several events across the school.

On the Tuesday evening it was the School Open Night, which was a great way for the students to showcase some of the learning they have achieved this year. It was wonderful to have many members of our school community visiting the classrooms and learning spaces.

Mel Oldham, our Science and Maths Leader ran a special information evening for parents about the Maths program at GHPS.

The choir and both bands, the Party Hats and Second Chairs also performed on the night in the gym.

Thank you to TheirCare who hosted our Community Breakfast on the Thursday morning. Over 60 families enjoyed a lovely breakfast of cereal, fruits, muesli, orange juice, egg and bacon rolls, all cooked by the Their Care staff and our own David Jenkins.

The final event for Education Weeks was the open morning on Thursday, where parents and the wider community were invited into observe our students working in the classroom. It was great to get some very positive feedback from the community about how the school and classrooms looked.

District cross country

On Monday, 37 Glen Huntly students from Grades 3 to 6 attended the Caulfield District Cross Country Event at Caulfield Park to compete again neighbouring schools.

Eight schools were present, and the distance ran was 2 km for the Under 9s and 10s and 3km for the Under 11 and 12 age groups. We are very proud of all our athletes who competed. To qualify for this event, students had to finish in the top 10 of the House Cross Country so the competition at the district level is very high.

Congratulations to all students and particularly Zac Taylor who finished 6th in his age group and has now qualified to the Division stage.

Some of our students have written recounts of their day, which are included in this newsletter.

Grade 1 excursion to Scienceworks

As part of the Grade 1 Inquiry Unit looking at Weather and Climate, the Grade 1s visited Scienceworks in Spotswood.

The excursion was highly informative for our students who had an exciting time learning about different types of weather and the reasons we have seasons. They also visited the Planetarium and learnt about our solar system.

Grade 2 Walking Tour

The Grade 2s as part of their inquiry unit, “Exploring the World Around Us” went on a walking tour in the streets around the school.

They have been learning about the local history and geography of Glen Huntly and how the school, neighbourhood and community has changed over time.

They first looked at old photos of the school, surrounding streets and of the shops in Glen Huntly Road and then visited these areas to compare how things have changed.

The walking tour was a lot of fun for the students and gave them the opportunity to observe and reflect on these various changes.

Prep excursion to Healesville Sanctuary

As part of the Prep Inquiry Unit looking at indigenous animals and First Nations history and culture, the preps visited Healesville Sanctuary Zoo.

Despite some wintry weather conditions, the students had a wonderful time seeing a full range of Australian native animals like wombats, platypus, and dingos.

They also had a talk from a First Nations presenter and attended the Bird Show.

Breakfast Club

The School Breakfast Club runs every Tuesday and Thursday out of the kitchen on the east side from 8am to 9am. Between 15 and 25 students visit the club each morning for a free breakfast and a chat. Any student is welcome to visit and sit down for a free breakfast, no bookings are needed.

If any parents would like to volunteer and help out with the Breakfast Club, they are most welcomed too. Please contact the office or speak to Ruth who runs the club.

New bike racks 

New bike racks have been installed on the west side of the school for the Junior Campus. There are 24 bike racks for student bikes and scooters.

Next term we hope to have bike racks installed on the east side.

Astronomy Night

Our planned astronomy night needed to be postponed due to predicted cloudy weather.

We plan to reschedule this event soon and will put out a Compass notice when a date has been finalised.

Parent helper

A special thank you to Anthony Layton, father of Ivy in Grade 4, who put together our new indoor soccer goals and some shelving for the PE storeroom.

Cameron White          Assistant Principal

Here are some topics we discussed during our last Student Council meeting.

Firstly, we think that some four-square courts would be REALLY fun. Secondly, if we are getting more chickens, we should give them more space right next to the chicken coop where there is a seat that people sometimes balance on. We could move the seat to another place under shade and extend the chicken coop there.

Next, we think that we need to get the playground timetable clear across the whole school because everyone goes on the playground when it’s not their turn. We should get clear communication across the school cause we’ve seen lots of people going on the playground when it’s not their turn.

For the school kitchen, we should have a wide range of milks including soy milk and almond milk. Also, people who aren’t allowed to have marshmallows in their hot chocolate could be allowed to have a biscuit or a sweet treat instead.

Some other questions asked were, shouldn’t we be allowed to wear casual clothes more often so we can raise more money for our school?

Shouldn’t we get a bike shed? In the heat, bike seats get really hot and when it’s raining, they become very wet.

Elsie and Advik 3A

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Sarang FB – For the amazing effort that you put into your excursion writing piece. Sarang, you were so confident in sharing your ideas with the class about the tree kangaroo and your enthusiasm was noticed during our excursion to Healesville Sanctuary. What a superstar!

Noah FD – For your exceptional listening skills and participation during our excursion to Healesville Sanctuary. Your willingness to ask and answer questions showed your interest in Australian wildlife. Thank you for representing our school so well.

Frans 1B – For recognising all of the emotions from the zones, demonstrated by acting them out!

Isabel 1F – For her impressive decoding and blending skills when reading during our Literacy Circles this week.

Jake 1F – For his knowledge and enthusiastic participation during our numeracy lessons this week, learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

Tharan 2M – For your marvellous maths skills in our numeracy sessions this week. You have shown that you can recognise, describe, and count Australian money, and you have helped others in the class to learn these skills as well. Well done!

Charli 2S – for showing resilience in our class activities this week. You have worked hard to complete your tasks, fantastic effort Charli!

Diandra 2S – for starting a brave journey to make new friends and settling into our class in 2S. Well done Diandra and welcome to our school!

Sienna 3C – For the growth you have made in reading this term. During Running Records, you answered questions in full sentences and read most of the words accurately. Excellent Efforts, Sienna!

Vidhaan 3C – For being a reliable and respectful member of our classroom. You are helpful towards your teachers and peers and are mindful of being respectful to all. Absolutely outstanding efforts, Vid!

Sean 3RK – For improving his focus during class time and sharing strategies in maths this week. Well done!

Ruby 4A – For your excellent persuasive writing piece on why you should get a puppy. It was very convincing! Great work Ruby!

Daniel 4SJ – Quickly achieving mastery with our digital graph making tasks on Google sheets, about Australia’s population and being willing and able to assist others to be successful with this learning activity.

Nistha 5/6J – A fabulous week of dedication to your work. When you apply yourself to the task, you achieve your very best. Congratulations!

Charvi 5/6J – Another consistent week of thoughtful input and contribution to our unique learning environment. You set the example! Congratulations, for your dedication to whatever it is that you are having a go at. Many thanks!

Sophie 5/6R – for her problem-solving skills used in Numeracy when calculating different combinations to represent a total amount with coins and notes. Well done!

Numeracy News

Below is the link for the Numeracy Information Session that was presented on Open Night.

Numeracy at GHPS

Sport News

District Cross Country

On the 22nd of May I participated in the District Cross Country. People with me in Year 4 were, Harvey who came 11th, Zac 6th, Anton 63rd, Henry 62nd, Akhilesh 40th, Rina 35th and Ruby 6th. We all gave it our best. It was very tough but it was easy to beat that toughness that was in the course with two hills that were pretty steep.

We were all so sweaty and loved the experience. Even though I got through last year, it was still my first district race because I got sick last year and didn’t compete.

Next year I will train every day at school. I might even do it this year to train for House Athletics!

Daniel 4SJ

When I got on the bus with my friend, I felt nervous about going to the district Cross Country but my friend and my classmates were with me.

When we got there, I was shivering but excited. It was time for the 8–10-year-old race. The race was at the back of the oval and there were lots of people.

When the race was about to start, I was extremely nervous. I came 35th but I thought I did a pretty good job. My friend came almost DEAD LAST! Also, after the race I felt like I was dead. Zac made it to DIVISION! Harvey and Daniel were close, especially Harvey. He came 11th. The people who come under 10th make it to division. Harvey was so close! Daniel came 39th. I think he did a good job. Anton came 63rd, Henry came 62nd and Akhilesh came 40th. Everyone did a great job. It was so tough.

Rina 4SJ

I was very excited. The first race was the 8, 9,10-year-old girls and it was a fast race. The next race was the 8, 9,10-year-old boys. During the race I was very nervous.

When the race started, everyone was running for their lives. We had to run 2 kilometres. We went up hills and beside a playground. There were some very fast runners. I was third but three people got past me at the last second!

The top ten made it to divisions and I finished 6th so I made it! I was the only person to make it to divisions from Glen Huntly PS.

Harvey came 11th, Daniel came 39th, Henry came 62nd Anton 63rd, Rina came 35th and I came 6th. It was exciting!

Zac 4SJ

When we were walking to the starting line, I was nerve racked. People were chanting their school names and talking about how fast their fastest student was.

As the race started it was like I was in the city, like a big blob of slime. As 1st, 2nd and 3rd started to take their places in the race, it thinned out a lot.

As we crossed the finishing line, there was lots of cheering! Everyone doubled their speed! The race got so much more exciting in the last 5 seconds!

Here are the places we came, 9,10 boys: 6th Zac, 11th Harvey, 39th Daniel, 62nd Henry, and 63rd Anton. In the 9,10 girls, Rina came 35th.

These are just the people I know the place they came.

I just want to congratulate Zac Taylor for getting into the division finals!

Harvey 4SJ

Our school has been registered in the wonder bread recycle rewards competition.

We can earn P.E equipment for every 5 kg of wonder bread packaging collected!

Follow the link for more information.

Ms Kasambalis

TheirCare News

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