Newsletter #8 June 18, 2021


    Learning Today,                     Leading Tomorrow.                                                             

Principal’s Report


Congratulations to Ms Carly Draper who has been appointed to teach 1E. We are delighted that Ms Draper will continue as the teacher for our wonderful students after being with the class since Mrs Murnane went on family leave.

To add to this very wonderful news, we are very happy to hear from Emma and Peter Murnane and congratulate them on the safe arrival of their gorgeous baby: Fletcher John Murnane, born on June 10th.

They are thrilled for me to share the news with the Glen Huntly students, staff and parent community.

Last Friday we farewelled Ms Jasmine Roth from 4R as she too leaves to start Family Leave. We acknowledge and thank Ms Roth for all the classes she has taught and the ways she has worked so diligently in all roles that she has undertaken in her time at GHPS.

We are very pleased to announce that Ms Zoe Heath has been appointed to replace Ms Roth. She has attended Planning Day with Ms Ivana Novakovic and Ms Roth in week 8 and while we wait for Ms Heath’s release from Tullian PS for Thursday 24 June we have welcomed Ms Amandine Lucas-Lely to teach the wonderful students in 4R from Tuesday 15 June to Wednesday 23 June. Families of the students in 4R have been notified on Friday 4 June.  Thank you very much Ms Lucas –Lely and I know we all enjoy having you as part of the staff.

Ms Julie Bruce’s last day is fast approaching as well and we will feel tinged with a big mixture of joy for Julie and wonder for us! We wonder how we will adjust without Julie after her being here for so long! We are looking forward to sending Julie off with an acknowledgement befitting her years on staff next week.

Having advertised for a new Business Manager we are very happy to announce that Ms Elizabeth Howard has been appointed. She will be working with Julie in the office for four days during the last two weeks of this term. Ms Howard has been in the Admin and Finance teams at Melbourne Girls College and has had experience at Caulfield Junior College prior to MGC. We very much look forward to her joining our GHPS staff.

Assessment & Reporting 

Staff have very busy writing Student reports for Semester One. The reports are will be uploaded to Compass for parents in week 10. Thank you to Mr David Jenkins and Ms Amy Tinetti for coordinating and providing assistance to all staff during this reporting period. The students have done a magnificent job to put in so much excellent effort and excellent behaviour to making growth in their learning and achieving new goals. In addition to the progression the students have made, I am always highly appreciative of their comments which outline what their highlights have been or what they have been most proud of with their learning.

Three Way Parent /Teacher/Student Interviews in Term 3

Information for families will be coming out about Parent, Teacher and Student Interviews which will be held early in the term 3 via Compass which we trialled last year and which we felt went very well.

2021 Annual Implementation Plan for improving student outcomes: Mid-Year Monitoring.

The 2021 Priorities for the State:

KIS 1a Learning catch-up and extension priority

KIS 1b Happy active and healthy kids priority

KIS 1c Connected schools priority

Thank you for the work by everyone: PLC LS together with Area and Curriculum Leaders, Coordinators and Staff, who have contributed to the Mid-Year monitoring of the school’s progress towards achieving the state goals and priorities. The PLC Leadership Team has reflected last week on the progress of actions and the outcomes at a School, Classroom and Individual and tailored level for students. Using the DET’s Strategic Online Planning Tool (SPOT) evaluation of the success indicators which describe what has been achievable will combine and the team can use the three following categories to evaluate progress. Evaluating the Enablers and Barriers to making progress have been reviewed and all that has applied have been selected or additions listed. Success indicators across the School, Classroom and Individual and tailored levels have been measured and evidence will be uploaded to SPOT to support the progress.

The activities and milestones recorded are aligned to specific staff roles and responsibilities with the timelines spanning from Term 1-4. Where a delay in activities may be evident, the schedule or changes to classroom practices may have needed to be adjusted, including updates to new curriculum, upcoming changes in staffing, periods of time due to lockdown, and during the review when the priority focus moved to 2017-2020. Future planning will address which actions will be taken next and what support is required. The PLC LS will meet with the Senior Improvement Leader Stuart Andrews this week.

School Review Term 2: School Review Report 2021-24 Cycle update

The key findings from Fieldwork day 1 on April 29 and Fieldwork day 2 on Monday 3 May made by the Reviewer (Olwen Horton) and Challenge Partners on the panel has informed the Draft report which Olwen has submitted to DET Central Office. When DET has signed off on the report, the School will receive it and can share the details. The panel will make recommendations in a summary of key directions for the next school Strategic Plan.

Building Works Update

Families have been advised that we are starting to prepare for Stage 1 of our much anticipated Building Works. In readiness for the works to commence in the Main Office and ground floor areas, the following classes will be relocating in week 10 (next week):

Grade 2S- will be moving to Room 3 (next to 2C)

Grade 2K- will be moving to Room 26 (Mod 5 Portable on the Oval next to 5/6)

Grade 3F- will be moving to Room 8 (upstairs of the Main building near Grade 4 Rooms)

Grade 3O- will be moving to Room 7 (upstairs of the Main building near Grade 4 Rooms)

When able to, the Main Office area will be moving into Room 10 & 11 (the Mod 5 Portables where the Grade 3 classes are currently) but we will notify you further when this is set up for “business” including access for the disabled. It’s going to be a big effort so thankyou to everyone who is making the changes in order to be able to see long term improvements for our wonderful school.

School Council Report

The school council met 7 June. I thank the school council president, Ross Donnan for his report which is included below.

End of term 2

All things considered with the lockdown and restrictions, we have managed to achieve much and stay focused on all that is important. We are all looking forward to when these may be able to ease.

We greatly appreciate the agility of all staff to replay back to remote learning when they were required to do so and provide the very best opportunity for all students to continue their learning. They did an amazing and extraordinary job! We are very grateful for to the staff who came on site when required in assisting the families and students who needed to be at school. When all students were able to return we were overjoyed as I am sure you were as well!

The end of this term is coming up quickly, so a reminder that all students will be dismissed at 2.30pm on Friday 25 June from their usual side- Prep -1 from the West Site and Year 2-6 from the East Site. There will be no Assembly on this day.  We hope that families have a wonderful holiday and we look forward to seeing everyone back on Monday 12 July.

Libby Alessi       Principal

A message from your Assistant Principal

On 1 November 2020, the Victorian Government announced the $21 million Get Active Kids Voucher Program. This Victorian-first initiative will deliver 100,000 vouchers over two years to eligible Victorian children and young people, assisting families with the costs of participation in sport and active recreation activities.

The Program will encourage kids to re-engage or to participate for the first time in new activities by reducing the cost of participation which can be a significant barrier to participation. The Program will be delivered in a targeted way to support families facing the greatest cost pressures to participation in sport and active recreation.

The Program will provide reimbursement of eligible expenses up to $200 for each child for costs associated with participation in organised sport and active recreation activities. Eligible costs include membership and registration, uniforms and equipment associated with participation.

The Program will be delivered across four Rounds over the period 1 March 2021 until 17 April 2022.

Importantly, the Program will also support our sporting clubs, associations and active recreation providers by enabling them to re-engage participants and attract new participants and providing them with additional revenue to help them recover from the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Get Active Kids Voucher Program applications have opened.

Who can apply?

To apply for a Get Active Kids voucher you must be:

· the parent, legal guardian, temporary foster or kinship carer of an eligible child; and

· the holder of a valid Australian Government Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card with named dependants.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for a Get Active Kids voucher your child/dependant must be:

· aged 4 to 18 years;

· a resident in Victoria;

· named on a current Australian Government Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card (at the time of your application); and

· named on a valid Australian Government Medicare Card (at the time of your application).

Eligible applicants will be able to apply for more than one voucher if they have multiple eligible children/ dependants and subject to voucher availability.

Separate applications must be made for each eligible child/dependant. To find out more information visit the Get Active Victoria website: CLICK HERE

I am thrilled to announce that early next term the GHPS Breakfast Club will begin. We have received our first delivery this week and each grade and specialist teacher has received a box of fruit for all students to take from throughout the day. We also have boxes of fruit in the office that students can also grab an apple, pear, orange or carrot if that need to. I will be providing families with more information next term on how the GHPS Breakfast Club will work. I am looking forward to working with our Year 5 and Year 6 students who are really passionate about setting up a Student Breakfast Club Action Group to help in setting up and running the breakfast club.

To celebrate the start of the GHPS Breakfast Club I have 10 holiday food packs to give away! All student names will be entered into the draw and we will announce the lucky 10 students who will be taking home the holiday food pack on Thursday 24th June.

To find out more about information about the Breakfast Club click on this link:

“No act of kindness,

No matter how small,

Is ever wasted.”


Amy Tinetti

Assistant Principal

Hello all,

I hope all our families are staying positive in the light of the latest lockdown and restrictions. I am so proud of the resilience that our community has shown throughout the pandemic. What a community to be a part of!

This time our meeting was held online due to the restrictions on gatherings inside. It was fantastic to see the faces of the council members, giving up their time during a stressful period and still have a very productive meeting.

Sub Committees have been nominated

Thanks to the council members who have put their hand up to be part of the School Council Sub Committees. This is where the hard work happens, with committees established for Building and Grounds, Publicity and Marketing, GPA, Curriculum and Policy, Finance and a new School Building Fund. These meetings occur numerous times each term and we report back to School Council on our progress and for collective decisions. We look forward to having a very productive rest of 2021!

Finance and farewell to Julie!
Ms Julie Bruce should be congratulated for her effort in keep the schools finances in order. Julie attended her last finance meeting to report on the figures, and keeping the finances in order is no small feat. I would like to report that the Schools finances are in a great position, even with lower enrolments due to the pandemic. I wish Julie all the best with her imminent departure from GHPS.

Fete 2021
Our wonderful school Fete that was scheduled for early 2022 has been postponed to 2023. It is unfortunate as it’s always such a fun time. However with the impact of the renovations on the East site along with the potential COVID cancellation risk it would leave the School thousands of dollars short if restrictions forced a closure. Fingers crossed COVID is under control by 2022 and we can start to plan for a HUGE early 2023 Fete.

The GPA is hard at work in creating a few other smaller events that we could hold later this year or early 2022. Fingers crossed!

New School Logo and House names.
Some exciting news from the Publicity and Marketing committee is we will be undertaking a refresh of the School logo this year along with deciding on some new house names that are respectful to the traditional owners of the land. A huge thanks to Mr David Jenkins on his work in facilitating this with the local traditional owners of the land. This process will be a collaborative effort so we are looking forward to showcasing to the community the new house names.

If there is any issue any member of the school community would like to raise with School Council, please email or myself directly

Stay safe and well.

Ross Donnan,
School Council President

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Yianni 2C – For your increasingly outstanding efforts to complete set tasks and taking on feedback. Keep up your positive learning attitude!

Daniel 2C – For your outstanding growth in our recent Mathematics unit, Money. Keep up the enthusiasm and focus when solving challenging problems.

Mithra 2C – For collaboratively problem solving and engaging in additive thinking discussions with your peers. It is fabulous to see you embrace challenging tasks in the classroom.

Henry 2C – For your focus, drive and enthusiasm in narrative writing. It has been fantastic to watch you build your Writer’s toolbox with various strategies.

Naira 2C – For your attentiveness and organisation durinDylan 2C – For challenging yourself further when counting money values, and sharing your mathematical strategies with your peers. Keep up the fabulous learning!g remote learning. It was fantastic to see how well you respectfully listened and contributed to remote learning discussions, and completed all set tasks.

Nikky 3O – His wonderful reading and use of comprehension strategies during our guided reading session this week. You read with great fluency. Well done.

Sanvi 4N – For actively participating in discussions on Google Classroom and helping your classmates out when they have questions. You are a star!

Sahana 4R – For showing leadership by helpfully answering your classmates’ questions on Google Classroom. We are lucky to have you in 4R!

Vhrinda 4R – For using excellent persuasive language in your Inquiry project. You have certainly convinced me to go to Brunei!

Year 4 News

Sphero Bots

This term, the year 4s used a special type of coding robot which we controlled using iPads. I loved being able to move the robots around freely and trying to use the “Draw” mechanism. It was amazing to be able to move the bots around and make them travel along the patterns and letters we drew. I hope that next time we can code them using either Java Script or block coding (like in Scratch). I’m looking forward to using them again when we’re back at school!

Asher 4N

Sport News

Some fabulous results for us in the Lightning Premiership. Well done to all of our teams.

Congratulations Lucas, 5/6OP, for finishing in 6th place at the Regional Cross Country Race.

Casual Dress Day

Please remember to put your name on all uniform/property.

Lost property will be sorted every month and any uniform without a name will be put into the second hand uniform shop.

Other unnamed items will be donated to charity.

If your child attends before or after school care, please check their lost property as well.



Fri 25                 Casual Dress day

Fri 25                 Final Day Term 2  (early dismissal, 2.30pm)


Mon 12              Term 3 Commences