Term 3 Working Bee


The Term 3 Working Bee proceeded in favourable weather conditions. It was pleasing to see that the number of participants was higher than usual.
A warm welcome and thank you to those who were attending a Working Bee for the first time and we very much hope that you continue to join us for future working bees that are held once a term.

The following tasks were undertaken:
a) Improving our Biodiversity rating by:
• increasing understorey plants
• removing non-native plants
• increasing organic material in the garden beds
• improving soil management in some areas
b) Removing/cutting down dangerous branches/tree sections/trees
c) Beautifying and tidying up all gardens and grounds areas
d) Spreading mulch on garden beds
e) Raking and relocating existing soft fall under playground equipment to provide a safe even coverage
f) Separate more flax lilies to plant in other suitable locations and planting new ground cover plants in Learning street gardens
g) Weeding and pruning gardens and plants
h) Restaining the garden bed seats surrounding our lipstick maple trees
i) Cleaning and sorting of lunch containers and drink bottles left by students
j) Reconcreting the fireman’s pole base in the playground East site.


We would like to thank the following people who generously provided their time and efforts to improve the conditions, appearance and sustainability of our grounds and facilities on the East site:

The Weiss family, the Wolfe family, Arthur and Marko Le and Sandra Zovko, Carolyn Howden, Peter Mazis, the Davey family, the Agrawal family, Vinodhkumar Seshadri, James and Caitlin Blair, the Balfour family, the Maglis family, Daniel and Dmytro Gorkavtsev, Kon and Jorja Mentis, Kataro and Andrew Aitken, Aditya and Raju Reddycharla, Asher Bloch and Caitilin Hawkins, Kamila Krauze and Rosy Eppinger.

Apologies to anyone who took part in the Working Bee on Sunday, whose name has not been acknowledged above.

Thank you again to Rosy Eppinger for your magnificent and delicious catering. Your culinary efforts and creations were gratefully appreciated by all who participated in our Working Bee, where they have worked hard and built up a hungry appetite for three to four hours.