Year 5 Notable Australians project

On Wednesday, we had our our Notable Australians Exhibition. We had lots of visitors and I hope they enjoyed visiting. It was great to see other student’s work on their projects and we enjoyed presenting an oral presentation to the class.

Rhapsody 5O

My Notable Australian was Sia (singer). Sia lives in Adelaide and didn’t start making music until her 20s. I chose Sia because I like her music and has a sense of mystery about her because she doesn’t show her face.I enjoyed completing the project and I liked the exhibition because a lot of people got to see my hard work.

Suheyla 5O

We started after lunch around 2.15pm and all of the student’s projects were lined up on display. Most of the school came to view our projects and I thought they gave a lot of good feedback and helped to enable me to improve on my work next time.

I thought everyone’s presentations were great. My presentation was about Fred Hollows and while I was doing the project, I felt like I learnt a lot more about him and it was a great experience everyone’s research and learning.

Asher 5O