Science Week

We are celebrating National Science Week!



Going GaGa

Our new GaGa Ball Pit is up and running. 

Thank you to the GPA and everyone else who helped to raise funds and make this possible.

House Cross Country

The House Cross Country event was held at Lord Reserve and included all students from Prep to Year 6. The winning House for 2022 was Garrawang. 24 of our students qualified for Districts. Well done everyone.




School Anzac Day Service

Piper Keith Heale visited GHPS and played Amazing Grace on the bagpipes during our Anzac Day Service.

Forensic Science

Students have had a great time exploring the field of forensics and applying first hand investigations to explore the concepts of fingerprinting, cracking codes, taking evidence and magnifying prints.


Grade 4-6 students have trialled protective equipment including gloves, goggles/face masks, booties, jumpsuits and hair coverings or hairnet to prevent hair from getting mixed up in crime scene evidence.

Melinda Oldham    Science Specialist


House Swimming

On Monday 14th of Feb, we had our House Swimming competition. Thank you to everyone for coming and participating.

Congratulations to Bael for winning the spirit cup and to Garrawang for winning the house shield. Thank you to all the teachers for helping and to Miss K for organising the day.

Great day for a Walkathon

We enjoyed participating in the annual walkathon last Monday which was held on the school’s oval.

Ms Amandine Lucas –Lely did a fantastic job organising this event and thank you to everyone who supported the event.

The sponsorship money will be really appreciated by our students when they get to read the new books we will be ordering.

I am sure Ms Lucas –Lely will promote them at assembly in the near future.


Mitchell wins House Swimming

House Swimming Sports for 3-6 students was once again it was a very successful and enjoyable day.

Congratulations to Mitchell (Green) for winning this year’s House Swimming carnival.

Thank you to Ms. Marie Kasambalis for organising another fabulous sports day.

Well done to individual students who have now qualified into our District Swimming Squad. Ms. Kasambalis will be overseeing training at Carnegie Pool. Good Luck at Districts!


Welcome to 2020

A very warm welcome back to school for 2020 to everyone. I hope you had a wonderful break from school and were able to spend quality time with your family and friends. It gives me great pleasure to especially welcome the new Preps to the school community. Thank you to all the parents who provided goodies to eat, and members of GPA for organising the lovely morning tea for our Prep parents and friends which was very well attended and enjoyed by all.

Ms Mikaela Ristos, Ms Ivana Novakovic and Ms Ashleigh Smart happily welcomed the new Preps into the classrooms for an exciting day of learning. There were lots of first day photos, smiles and very heartfelt looks from the Preps’ loved ones as they wished them a great first day. Some parents even managed to express relief that it all took place so smoothly.

It was very nice to chat with everyone and I hope you enjoyed your first school morning! There will be lots of opportunities for new and current parents and friends to be involved in the school and your children will love seeing you here volunteering.