Newsletter #10 – 27 June 2019

Principal’s Report                                 


NEWSLETTER NO.10  June 27 2019

Learning Today. Leading Tomorrow.

Dear Parents,

End of Term 2 Dress up Day: Friday 28 June

The students who represent their classes Grades 3-6 Student Council met and would like everyone to come in free dress on the last day of school. Remember to bring a gold coin donation that will be going towards the Fete. The Fete is coming up fast on Saturday 26 October. Let’s show our large scale appreciation towards the Fete and dress up! Thank you to the Student Council for their ideas as to what you can wear on Free Dress day which follow:

  • Musician
  • Movie character
  • 90’s Retro
  • Artist
  • Someone from another country eg Italy
  • Harry Potter
  • Casual
  • Super hero
  • A different period in History
  • Crazy hair

School Council

Members of Council met in June and acknowledged the correspondence from Shan Jayaweera who, due to increased working commitments, has tendered his resignation on Council. Thank you very much Shan for the wonderful contributions you have made during your two plus years on Council. We have really appreciated what you have done for GHPS and recognise that you will still be able to be involved with future events. The Council is therefore in a position to call for a new parent to fill this position for the remainder of Shan’s term of office (March 2021) If any parents are interested, please drop into see me or email as soon possible. Thank you to School Council President Craig Matthew for his report which is included in this newsletter.

Professional Learning Program

The professional learning program is being implemented to support the school’s identified improvement strategies. Staff have attended and worked extremely hard and some of what has been undertaken is as follows:

  • Professional Learning Leadership Team: Continues to oversee and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP). We have met with Stuart Andrews, the Senior Education Improvement Leader to update the progress of student outcomes and priorities for the Mid-cycle. These have been recorded in the Strategic Online Planning Tool (SPOT) and will be presented at the 5 August School Council meeting. Members of the team have allocated responsibilities including leading Assessment, Reading, Writing, Numeracy and English as an Additional Language and has prioritised work that needs to be completed.
  • There is a whole – school approach to teaching Reading, Writing and Numeracy with much ongoing discussion with staff.
  • Moderation: Teaching staff have collaborated to review and moderate teacher judgements. All staff have analysed and evaluated student learning growth to complete the writing of the Semester 1 Student Report.
  • Assessment: The school is in Phase 2 of implementation of Assessment and Reporting Advice so it further reflects the development of a learning cycle that articulates the connection between content, pedagogy, assessment and learning intervention.
  • Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership Leading Literacy: Mr David Jenkins and Mrs Emma Murnane have participated in Literacy workshops to expand on what Mrs Mel Oldham and Mrs Eugenia Sassos attended in 2018 to collectively focus on high quality literacy teaching and have been mentoring and developing a shared understanding with teaching staff.
  • Mathematics: Mr Bill Manuel (Maths Learning Specialist) has organised Maths Association of Victoria presenters to work with staff across a number of days in term 2 which will continue in developing a consistent and coherent approach to teaching Maths. Sessions will continue in Term 3 & 4
  • Writing: Staff have been looking at the student’s attention to: Dynamic dialogue, Show Don’t Tell and Features of Persuasive and Narrative writing. Staff have worked with Misty Ardinou: Scaffolding Literacy using quality Childrens’ Literature to teach complexity and wonder in writing.
  • Literacy and Numeracy leaders and teaching staff have supported students in responding to the NAPLAN assessments

2020 Prep Enrolments

We would like all families who have pre-schoolers starting school next year to please get their enrolment forms into the office by the end of this term as planning is already well underway for transition and the November dates which are on the school’s website.

Staffing & Leave

A notice has gone out to the students and families in 4J advising them Mr John Jacobs will be taking up a position to teach at an International school in Thailand as of Week 2, Term 3. Mr Jacobs’ last day teaching at GHPS will be Friday 19 July, 2019. Ms Ashleigh Casas will be teaching Grade 4(C) for the remainder of the year and we welcome Ms Casas to our school. She has attended Planning Day with the Year 4 team and is meeting parents at the Parent Teacher Three way Conversations today with Mr Jacobs. We wish Mr Jacobs and his family the very best during his time in Thailand and thank him for his 10 years of service at GHPS.

Mrs Eugenia Sassos will be taking Long Service Leave from Monday 15 July and returning on Monday 16 August. We welcome Ms Carly Draper to Grade 3S. Mrs Shannan Fox will be returning on Monday 22 July and Mr Vic Thompson will be in 3F for the first week of the term. Mrs Melinda Oldham will be on LSL for two days at the start of the term and Ms Natalie Schneider will be in 5O. Ms Amandine Lucas- Lely will also have the first two days on Leave and Mrs Mandy Zent will be in the Library. Ms Amy Tinetti and Jenny Grose will also be on LSL for the first week and we hope everyone has a great time and enjoys their well-earned leave.

Chook Roster Term 3 Holidays

Mr Jenkins will be distributing a roster for looking after the chooks over the term 3 holidays. We very much appreciate families taking a turn and on behalf of the chooks, look forward to your continued support.

End of Term 2

This is the final reminder for parents that school will be finishing on Friday 28 June. The students will be dismissed from the usual East or West Sites at 2.30pm. Thank you to the parents who will be rostered on for hot chocolate and icy poles for accommodating this change of time. Please make a note in your phone or on your calendar to pick up your child at this earlier time.

I hope all staff and families have an enjoyable holiday and look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Tuesday 15th July to start term 3.

Libby Alessi


School Council Report

School Council met for the second time in Term 2 on Monday 17th June.

Key items covered at the meeting included;

The meeting opened on a sad note with the decision by Shan Jayaweera to resign from school council due to ongoing work commitments and clashes. I’d like to thank Shan for his valuable contribution to school council over the last 2 and a half years. I’m sure we’ll still see plenty of Shan around as he’s such a valuable contributor to the wider school community.

  • The school was awarded $500,000 in the 2019 State Budget towards capital works/planning. This initial investment will be in ensuring the school plans out our space to deliver on the school’s master plan, with the hope being that further funding will be forthcoming in future budgets to deliver on the master plan more fully.
  • John Jacobs will be taking an extended leave of absence from term 3 onwards as he pursues a fantastic teaching opportunity in Thaliand. The entire school community wishes John well in his endeavours.
  • Mr Bill Manuel celebrates 45 years of teaching in 2019 – 26 of these at GHPS. Congratulation Bill – you’ve been such a wonderful influence and inspiration to so many students over the years.
  • Oval upgrade is almost complete – we expect to be able to access this wonderful new facility later in term 3 as time must be allowed for the grass to settle in.
  • Grandparents morning tea was a fantastic success having the choir singing was a lovely touch
  • A reminder to all just how important pupil contributions are to the ability for the school to run the many and varied programs that benefit our children and their educational outcomes.
  • As I’m sure everyone has noticed, the new banners up on our fences look fantastic and really make our school standout. Thanks to Ross Donnan and Arthur Le for getting these in place seamlessly (it’s almost as if they went up in the middle of the night when no one was around).
  • Prep parent information day, with both morning and night sessions being run, went well. The school captains did an outstanding job in representing the school and Spoke with confidence, pride and love for the school.

Wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy break ready to return for another big term.

If there is any issue any member of the school community would like to raise with School Council, please email

Craig Matthews

School Council President


Hello everyone. This is Hasini Teddu and Param Dave, reporting on behalf of our Student Council. We are Year 6 Student Councillors for 2019.

On the Tuesday 24th of June, we had a Student Council meeting with Mrs Alessi. We talked about the highlights of the school learning year so far, concerning Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Many of the Student Councillors said they really enjoyed writing stories and independent reading.

We also had a discussion about what the dress theme for the last day of this term could be and more than 50% the councillors voted for Casual dress. Democracy says that majority rules. So there it is. We hope you didn’t forget your gold coin donation. The money raised will be going to the Fete.

Do you know that the fete is only two terms away? Amazing, it has come around so quickly. Some of the student ideas for fete activity and stalls were:

  • Athletics
  • E3
  • Craft Stall
  • Slime Stall
  • Teachers Sponge throw
  • and many more.

Put your thinking hats on and talk to your class Student Councillor if you have a worthy fete activity idea. These and many other ideas will considered and discussed at our next Student Council meeting.

Thank You for our report, which was also presented at the Week 10 Term 2 whole school assembly. We will look forward to communicating Student Council developments and ideas to you next time.


Congratulations to the following students who have received a Student of the Week award

Riya ON – For working hard on her home reading and making great progress with her Magic Words. Keep it up!

Sajana ON – For working extra hard to add lots of detail in her recount writing this week. Keep it up!

Sara OS – For consistently working on your magic words. Keep up the great work.

Avyaan OS – For being a great helper and assisting your peers with their work during topic writing. Well done!

Gordon OR – For his constant enthusiasm and dedication to all class work! You are a star.

Pragathi  OR-  For participating more in class with confidence! Well done!!

Rhea 1A – For happily sharing her idea and knowledge with the class. Thank you for always having a go and being a critical and creative thinker! You are a star!

Arini 1A – For doing a great job in our ‘Think Outside the Box Thursday’ activity. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas with the class!

Maxi 1E – For his fantastic contributions to our class discussions! Your insights are engaging and full of knowledge. Thank you!

Tengyi 1E – For your detailed retell of ‘The Gruffalo’ using puppets and a setting you made! Well Done!

Damon 1E – For your detailed retell of ‘The Gruffalo’ using puppets and a setting you made! Well Done!

Suria 1M – For your excellent problem solving skills in our math fete activity. Well Done!

Aishani 1M – For your concentration in clss this week. You have been working so hard. Well done!

Smruthi 3F – For her impressive oral presentation about female explorer Octavie Coudreau.

Tuhin 3F – For his interesting and beautifully presented oral presentation about Robert Falcon Scott.

Clancy 3S – For a most imformative and clearly articulated on Captain James Cook! Well done Clancy!

Harper 3S – for an excellent oral presentation and beautifully presented information about Hamilton Hume!

Ajjai 3S – For a most informative oral presentation about Captain James Cook!

Varshini 4R – For your impressive result on your Fractions and Decimals post test. Well done!

Marko 4R -For your excellent listening skills and detailed feedback during our inquiry project presentations this week. Well done!

Amber 4R – For: being a good listener, active participant and asking relevant questions during our excursion to Polly Woodside. Well done!

Rahul 6J – For consistently writing detailed, insightful and in-depth responses to literacy circle follow up question tasks.


On Wednesday, we had our our Notable Australians Exhibition. We had lots of visitors and I hope they enjoyed visiting. It was great to see other student’s work on their projects and we enjoyed presenting an oral presentation to the class.

Rhapsody 5O

My Notable Australian was Sia (singer). Sia lives in Adelaide and didn’t start making music until her 20s. I chose Sia because I like her music and has a sense of mystery about her because she doesn’t show her face.I enjoyed completing the project and I liked the exhibition because a lot of people got to see my hard work.

Suheyla 5O

We started after lunch around 2.15pm and all of the student’s projects were lined up on display. Most of the school came to view our projects and I thought they gave a lot of good feedback and helped to enable me to improve on my work next time.  I thought everyone’s presentations were great. My presentation was about Fred Hollows and while I was doing the project, I felt like I learnt a lot more about him and it was a great experience everyone’s research and learning.

Asher 5O



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Thank you to all the students who participated in our first ever creative competition. The specialists found it extremely hard to judge because of the high standard of competition.  We managed to raise $280.00 and look forward to purchasing some new resources for our specialist programs.  Below is a list of our winners and a couple of samples of some of the entries.


PREP                                                                               GRADE 1  

BOOK COVER – Harvey (PR)                                         BOOK COVER – Sonith (1A) & Maxi (1E)

POEM – Manvith (PN)                                                     STORY – Darshika (1A)

STORY – Sara (PS) and Sindhura (PF)                         COMIC – Shiram (1M)

COMIC – Harrison (PS)                                                   SONG – Aishani (1M)



GRADE 2                                                                       GRADE 3

BOOK COVER – Hudson (2L)                                       BOOK COVER – Ajaai (3S)

POEM – Gautham (2L)                                                   STORY – Harleen (3S)

STORY – Ayush (2M)                                                      COMIC – Sid (3S)

COMIC – Anvi (2C)                                                         SONG – Steph (3S)


GRADE 4                                                                          GRADE 5

BOOK COVER – Austin (4R) & Sharannya (4r)       BOOK COVER – Rhapsody (5O)

STORY – Jinia (4J)                                                         STORY – Asher (5O)



BOOK COVER – Daniel s (6P)

STORY – Yashvi (6J)

POEM – Mahathi (6j)




.My wonderful teachers are a gift to me,

They’re very special, which anyone can see.

There’s Miss de Bruyn who teaches art,

We will never forget her, she is close to our hearts.

There’s abstract and origami, the list endless,

The art we’re taught would make other schools jealous,

Then Mr Aitken, who is mad about music,

When you’re singing with him, time is too quick.

There’s also Japanese lessons,

Which are engaging and fun sessions.

Not to forget Miss K who teaches physical education,

She builds an enthralling solid foundation.

Shotput, cricket, very fun games,

To make us play is her only aim.

Last but not least Miss Lucas-Lely,

She reads us books of space station ukuleles.

Providing us books is her goal, with her, our knowledge is whole.

These are their wonderful features.

Come let’s fund our school,

Because more supplies is the key tool!




I am like the sun,

I like to shine every day.

I’m like the sun,

I like to get of the clouds!

My friend is the sky,

We like to travel every day!





Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or foster parents are eligible to apply for the Education State Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund.

To be eligible for the fund, a parent or legal guardian of a student attending a Victorian Primary School MUST hold a Pension or Concession Card or Centrelink Health Care Card.

This form is available from the office and must be filled out each year.

For more information, contact the office


 Gyoza– what a hit!

In our busy little kitchen this term our industrious students have produced and devoured around 2,500 of these delicious Japanese dumplings. OK, so maybe staff enjoyed a few too.

Our Pork Gyoza and Vegetable Gyoza recipes can be found under the Learning/Curriculum/Specialist Programs section of the GHPS website or using this link

Thank you to our Term 2 kitchen helpers: Cassandra David-Shields (Evan 5S), Tharana Surireddy (Raghav 2M, Sindhura PF), Ramya Haridasyam (Sahasra 3S), Martina Gevaux (J.P. 3F, Max PF), Sona Balasubramanian (Sahana 2L), Angela Maglis (Diana 6P, Stella 5O, Sienna PS), Christine Ranjan (Vanshika PS), Dona Chattergee (Dion PS), Divya Bahri (Arnav PS), Gajalakshmi Ramalingam (Akhilesh PR), Manasa T. V (PR), Himaja Bathula (Mahanya PR), Andy Ellis (Abigail PR), Henry Zhou (Gordon PR). Apologies if I have missed anyone.

Special thanks to Heidi Powell (Riley 4R) and Rosy Eppinger (former staff) for helping on multiple occasions.

I also appreciated the assistance of Grade 6 students when we lacked parent helpers for the Prep and Grade 1 classes. Thanks Xavier, Luba, Emma, Devna, Aarushi, Dakota, Yashvi, Rahul, Nick and Mahathi,

I look forward to seeing you all back and maybe some new faces next term.

The first cooking classes for Term 3 will be with Grade 6 on WEDNESDAY 24th July (6P at 9am, 6J at 11:10am). The following week (31st July) we will return to Monday classes for the Grade 5s and beyond.



Notices distributed to parents

June 13                     3S & 4J                    Parent teacher discussions

June 13                       All students            Head lice notification

June 14                      3F                             Mrs Fox’s leave

June 21                        3S                             Mrs Sassos leave

June 21                        4J                             Mr Jacobs leave

June 25                      All students             Annual School Cabaret information







Fri 28                 Term 2 ends – Early Dismissal 2.30pm   


Mon 15               Term 3 Commences


Congratulations to everyone who attended the Term 2 Interschool Chess Tournament on 14th of June. Glen Huntly Primary came 2nd out of 10 schools! A strong result as usual.
We had exceptional results from Randheer Thogata winning 6 out of 7 games, and Marco Le and Param Dave winning 5 out of 7 games!
We look forward to more kids supporting the school in the term 3 Interschool Championship!

Felix Chandler


On Saturday the 22nd of June All Stars Martial Arts Academy hosted their mid year martial arts gradings at the national head office in East Bentleigh, Melbourne. Among the hundreds of students grading in various martial arts such as karate, muay thai boran, boxing and MMA, one student, Hasini Teddu graded for her black belt in Karate.

Hasini has been learning martial arts at All Stars Martial Arts Academy in East Bentleigh for over 4 years to prepare herself for this grading. She has shown great determination, commitment and discipline over the years and even more so leading up to the black rank grading.

Each student’s mental attitude, behaviour, concentration & fitness level have been assessed leading up to their grading as training & gradings are placed under pressure.

The black belt grading involves being observed and tested on various skills, such as physical techniques, fitness, self defence, verbal diffusion skills & coordination. To achieve this level, students must demonstrate to a panel of graders that they can execute each movement at a high standard. Hasini was also asked to use a range of techniques to defend herself from attackers.

Upon completion of the black belt grading each student is asked to resite the black belt pledge & make a solemn promise to All Stars Martial Arts Academy.

All students attaining black belts read aloud “I vow to live my life by the principles of a black belt, sincerity, modesty, courtesy, self control, etiquette, integrity & an unbeatable spirit”.

Hasini was presented with her black belt at the end of the grading, passing with exceptional results. Upon being presented her black belt, all passing students were asked to wear their new belts for 72 hours after the grading to remind themselves and everyone else of all the hard work & commitment it has taken to reach this level.


For or more info on All Stars Martial Arts Academy call 03 9579 0800/ Email or visit

Thank you!!

Best Regards,

Andrew Zrajko

Senior Instructor
All Stars Martial Arts Academy