Newsletter #21 December 16 2020

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow.

Principal’s Report

Visiting Classrooms: During this term, Ms Tinetti and I were very impressed when we were visiting the year 3 classes while they were doing their Inquiry Learning. What wonderful work you have done!

Sahana, Srishti, Bindu and Harshitha 3K
Anisha, Adirshree, Ayush and Asher 3O
Zoya, Mahia, Shiva, Rishi and Tharunika 3F

Grade 6 Graduation:

The final week of school has been exciting for all, but particularly for the graduating Grade 6 students who will be heading off to Secondary School in 2021. Who could have imagined what the 2014 Prep class would experience in their graduating year when 2020 was a far off time? And now after 7 years of primary school, with many of them starting at GHPS in Prep and others being welcomed along the way into other grade levels, their final week at GHPS has arrived! It was highly rewarding to be able to mark this occasion by being present face to face, with at least the core members of the families.

Thank you and congratulations to Mrs Alysha Jones and Ms Claire Piscioneri for their exceptional work in preparing the students and all the planning and orchestration for the night that was very memorable. We acknowledge each of the teachers for their outstanding contribution made to each student’s learning over their P-6 journey at GHPS. We greatly appreciated Fiona for Cooking and preparing a special Year 6 lunch last week, Mr Andrew Aitken for setting up the

band, the stage and the sound system, Denise and Ruth for their support and work with the Year 6 team and students, Ms Lucas-Lely for assisting with the Year Book and Ms Juz de Bruyn for displaying the students’ wonderful artworks for us to appreciate. The school is very grateful that the School Council President, Ross Donnan who was able to present the annual speech on behalf of the School Council and community to congratulate the graduation class of 2020 and offer his sentiments to the students. He also coordinated our very first live stream.

Awards for academic, sporting, specialist classes, encouragement and civics & citizenship were proudly presented. Congratulations to all our Grade 6 students on their effort and achievement and we acknowledge that although everyone did not receive an award, they can feel very proud of everything they have accomplished this year.

Award Recipients
Swimming Award Alex Verginis
Daniel Bell Athletics Award Hugo Boddington and Suheyla Taylor-Jackson
John Beddoe Sports Award Alex Verginis & Evan Shields
Library Award Daksha Menariya
Art Award Sienna Anketell & Rhapsody Borrirak
Perseverance Award Ari Sioukas
Wendy Wilson Music Award Boris Tosovic
The Party Hats Award Rhapsody Borrirak
eSMART      Digital                     Learning Award Lucas McKay and Alice Jayaweera
Environmental                                 Awareness Award Sienna Anketell, Daksha Menariya and Charlotte Foley
Research & Inquiry Award Alice Jayaweera, Jahnavi Miriyala, Evan Shields, Isabelle Rodriguez, Jaymeet Patel, Ivory Sermon
Leadership Award Evan Shields, Isabelle Rodriguez and Hugo Boddington
Japanese Award Takuto Ema
Creativity Award Evan Shields and Lakshmi Venkatesan

All Grade 6 students will again be acknowledged at the Final Assembly on Friday 18 December.

It is with great pleasure that I offer congratulations to students who have been awarded 2021 Academic scholarships at Glen Eira College and or acceptance into the SEAL program: Lucas 6J, Evan 6P and William 6J. You are all very worthy recipients.

Staffing 2021

Once again it is with mixed emotions that we acknowledge that some staff are moving on from GHPS or changing their direction for next year. Fiona Davey has decided to relinquish the role of cooking teacher and we thank her very much for the array of wonderful recipes she has taught the students and families to cook. There has been an abundance of countries explored and a variety of courses to tempt all taste buds! The Grade 6 lunch this week was very yummy and there was plenty to eat. On behalf of the School Council, we all the very best with your next endeavours. Thankyou also to Fiona for her Cooking Wrap up Report which is included in this newsletter.

A final good luck to the following teachers:

Ms Meagan Atkins, Ms Danni Chau, Ms Kate Rhind, Mr Andrew Aitken and Ms Amandine Lucas-Lely and much thanks for the incredible teaching you have done for our students at GHPS In your various teaching roles whilst you have been at GHPS in either the Year 1 & 2 or 5/6 classrooms, Library/EAL or Japanese /Music as you have  all have contributed so vibrantly to the lives of our students, families and staff and we are so grateful to each of you. It has been a privilege and joy to have worked with you and you have all added so much to our school. Whether you are commencing at new schools or studying, all the best for a wonderful start in wherever you may be.

Cook Book Extravaganza!

Thank you to the Cook Book Crew : Fiona Davey, Ms Juz de Bruyn and Ms Amandine Lucas- Lely and everyone who has contributed to the wonderful GHPS Cook Book. There has been a lot of heart and soul go into this publication, which a free copy has been distributed to each student this week. This has been enabled through the payment to this year’s Cooking Levy and the funds available through purchasing less ingredients due to remote learning. The school has a copy for the Library and a very few copies available for sale at $20 through the office. Hurry though as there are only a few thank you very much to the Cook Book Crew: Fiona, Juz and Amandine for a great publication. There are limited copies for sale in the office for $20. Once gone, that’s all there are so act quickly to secure your copy.

Final Assembly

The final assembly for 2020 will be held at 9.15am with the Year 5 & 6 students attending and all other classes will view it via live streaming. Thankyou to Ms Roth, Mr Aitken and Mr Jenkins for coordinating this event and to all staff and students hosting and taking

part in making presentations and reports. Thank you to Ms Piscioneri for providing link on Youtube for the final assembly:

Student Council

The final meeting with the Student Councillors took place last week and I thank each of theme for their insightful ideas. At the Assembly on Friday, the Year 5 representatives will make a report.

2021 Student Leadership

The 2020 School, House, Sport, eSmart, Sustainability and Music Captains will be announced by Mr Swanson and Mrs Melinda Oldham and this year’s Student Leaders to present them with their badges at the final assembly. The process which the Grade 5 students have gone through to apply for these leadership positions has been provided to all Year 5 parents and students. Mr Swanson and Mrs Oldham, Ms Tinetti and I have been extremely impressed in the way the students have prepared their applications, and then how the shortlisted students have spoken in the interviews. There has also been prepared speeches made to their peers in Grade in 3 – 6 and also had an interview with myself, Mr Swanson, Mrs Oldham and Ms Tinetti for all other roles. I look forward to congratulating these students.

Transition for Students and Staffing 2021

All students in Grades Prep – Grade 5 have taken part in moving to their 2021 classroom area. They will no doubt be excitedly looking forward to next year and seeing who their teacher will be. As per the usual, there will be new families arriving or leaving over the holiday period that we don’t know about as yet. We may still be finalising classes when staff return in 2021, so we ask for your support in waiting to announce the student’s class when they return.

Semester 2 Student Reports

All the teachers have worked incredibly hard to write the Semester 2 Student Reports which were distributed yesterday. It is highly rewarding to read about the students’ effort, behaviour and achievement and to read all about the impact of everyone’s teaching. The dedication of all staff is a standout and all have worked tirelessly to bring out the very best in every student every day. Student highlights are always interesting to read about and reports will go live on Thursday 17 December via Compass. I am sure parents will enjoy reading about their own child’s reflection as much as I did.

I have been extremely impressed by the students’ improvements and outcomes and in recognition of outstanding achievement in Numeracy, Literacy or across all areas, I have collaborated with teachers to award three Principal Awards per class. The reports will be presented to each recipient in their classroom this week. Thank you very much to Mr David Jenkins for leading the 2020 reporting and assessment process with Ms Amy Tinetti who also shared in the reading of each student report with me. Due to COVID, this semester, teachers were required to assess students against the curriculum in the areas of English and Mathematics only. As always, attendance, effort and behaviour underpin every success. The Art, Music/Japanese, PE and Library Specialist teachers have also provided a comment about each child’s participation and their learning opportunities.

Fantastic Community

Thank you to everyone for your amazing contribution this term! It’s always such a busy one and every year we seem to have more to do, so thank you for displaying such a positive attitude and your support for GHPS. Have a great holiday, a lovely break and we look forward to seeing you back at school on Thursday 28 January for all students. There will be a morning tea provided by GPA for parents in the Library to welcome families so mark this in your phone or calendar and we look forward to seeing you.

Dismissal for the end of term 4

Friday 18 December at 1.30pm. Best wishes for a wonderful break to everyone

 Libby Alessi    Principal

A message from your Assistant Principal

WOW! What a year we have had. I am so so proud of all of the students, staff and parents of GHPS. This year you have all show how truly amazing, patient, resilient and strong you are. We have never had a year like it and let’s hope that 2021 is filled with fun, happiness, laughter and good times.

As I do at the end of each term, I ask the students to do three things for me over the holidays. Sit down with your child/ren and talk and celebrate all the successes they have had this year and do these 3 things together over the summer break:

  • Do 1 random act of kindness
  • Read books together for pleasure
  • Put DOWN the device and go outside and play

Here is something you may choose to do and reflect on as a family:

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and I look forward to working alongside you all in 2021.

Amy Tinetti             Assistance Principal

Before/After School Care and Holiday Program with TheirCare

Our Before/After School care program and Holiday program will be relocating due to building works in 2021. From 11th January 2021, Theircare will be operating from our Activities Centre on the West Site. Parents can access the Activity Centre from our gates on Garden Avenue.

We have attached the Holiday Program flyer for you, so you can see all of the fun they have planned for the students during the holidays. Book your child in TODAY!

School Council Report

Hello all,

What a year it has been. A huge thank you to all the parents and guardians for your support this year. I am so proud of the resilience everyone has shown to get through such a tough year. Thank you to Mrs Alessi and the entire School Council Team for being such a huge support for me in my first year as President.

With easing of restrictions The School Council had an end of year dinner in Elsternwick which was lovely. It was really nice to finally meet the Councillors in person as we have been meeting remotely via WebEx all year. I am really looking forward to holding meetings in person next year.

Some updates

  • We are looking forward to welcoming our new Preps for next year. Mrs Alessi and Ms Tinetti have done a wonderful job holding online enrolment sessions to showcase our wonderful School along with a very different transition program for the new Preppie’s joining the School in 2021. Each child received a showbag including a School hat which many will proudly wear over the holidays!
  • The Year 6 Graduation is on Monday 14 December. We are pleased that restrictions have eased to allow parents to attend. We are extremely proud of the efforts of the Year 6 students during such a challenging
  • We are pleased to announce the School will be purchasing 40 more Chromebooks for the students in 2021. Digital literacy is so crucial to learning and GHPS do a wonderful job with our digital learning program. The Technology levy as part of the parent payments goes a long way to help achieve this type of purchase for the
  • Well done to GPA fundraising with the footy colours, mango fundraising and world teachers day initiatives which have brought much needed funds into the School during a challenging year. We always appreciate your
  • We will be purchasing some bike racks for the children to lock up and store their bikes. The capital works and new Hall is currently estimated to begin in March 2021 so the portable bikeracks will be a great addition and provide flexibility to move the racks around during the capital works.

If there is any issue any member of the school community would like to raise with School Council, please email or myself directly

Have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Break and I look forward to a positive 2021! Stay safe and well.

Ross Donnan            School Council President

Cooking Program – What a year!

How bizarre was it that our Staple Foods theme for 2020 worked out to be so apt? The barest shelves in the supermarket confirmed that corn, wheat, rice and tubers are certainly the most popular staple foods in the world.

In Term 1 we highlighted Rice and during home learning, Wheat (Term 2) and Corn (Term 3). This term we finished off with Tubers, with the humble “spud” (potato) as the star of the show. I was so pleased to see the students getting over their initial shock and enjoying our Boston Bun and Potato Butterscotch Cake, both containing mashed potato. I have even developed a new love of Jacket Baked Potatoes. Their simplicity is a winner and they were a much bigger hit with the students than I had imagined. Parents, I suggest you make the most of this new found knowledge – take the night off and have your kids make them for you 😊

I really appreciated the photos and comments received during home learning. It was great to see you enjoying cooking with your families when we were unable to work in the kitchen together. I hope this continued when you returned to school.

Once again, the biggest day of cooking for the year was the Grade 6 Graduation lunch – a shared sit down 3-course lunch, which actually ended up with four courses. We revisited our rice and wheat topics, along with this term’s star ingredient potato.

Made entirely from scratch, 6P and 6J worked together to prepare Pull Apart Garlic Bread, Jacket Baked Potatoes, Spanish Paella and Potato Butterscotch Cake. Never before have we had two classes working side by side like this and I am pleased to say it worked incredibly well.

Thanks to Miss Piscioneri and Mrs Jones for your support and to Denise and Mrs Zent for helping out as well. Special thanks to our fantastic Grade 6 students for your great teamwork and camaraderie throughout. I wish you all the best with Year 7.

I am so excited and proud to see your cookbook distributed this week. These are all recipes submitted by students and the wider school community. The amazing variety of cultures and tastes included really do encapsulate our wonderfully diverse community. I have already had the opportunity to try a few recipes – I hope you enjoy making and tasting them as much as my family has so far.

Thank you to all who submitted recipes. Huge thanks to Miss de Bruyn and Miss Lucas-Lely for all of your work in Art, Library and beyond to make it happen.

All 2020 recipes have been added to the GHPS website so you can try them out at home. They can also be found in the cookbook.

Finally, thank you to the teachers, ES staff, student teachers and parents who helped me in class each week. Your assistance is invaluable and it is obvious how much the children enjoy working alongside you.

Enjoy the holidays and all the best for 2021.

Cheers, Fiona



Friday 18th December 1:30pm- End of Term 4

2021 Term dates 

Start date Finish date

Term 1

27 January

Students start 28 January in government schools


1 April

Term 2 19 April 25 June
Term 3 12 July 17 September
Term 4 4 October 17 December