Newsletter #4 April 6, 2023


    Learning Today.                     Leading Tomorrow. 

As we prepare to head into Easter and term 1 holidays, we acknowledge that it’s the first time we’ve experienced a ten-week term 1 in what seems like a very long time. We are feeling very grateful that we have been able to achieve so much.

We have been very mindful of strengthening the stamina of students, paying close attention to wellbeing and explicitly focusing on the GHPS values: Pride, Resilience, Respect, Teamwork and Creativity. These have been made visible through classroom learning and in extracurricular activities that have involved cultivating the best learning environments.

The breakfast club grant has been a wonderful initiative to enable kids to start their school day with breakfast in the Tuckshop/Gymnasium foyer on Tuesday and Thursday with thanks to Cameron, Ruth, Liz M, Lisa and Bindu.

There have been some very happy diners who can share some breakfast moments and have a full tummy at the same time. We look forward to seeing you back next term for breakfast starting on Thursday 27 April.

Student Leadership

Students have been provided with opportunities to have a voice in the running of our school community events and contribute ideas.

They have been hosting the whole school assembly throughout the term, providing reflections about their learning and highlights each week.

Various Year Captains have been providing commentary on what is happening and how to support students.

There have been a number of lunchtime clubs taking place providing opportunities for both students and staff to engage in an area of interest and collaborate with others.

Student agency empowers our students to direct and take responsibility for their learning, creating independent and self-regulating learners.

Thank you to Ms Ristos and the team for preparing the students to speak at Assembly and we have enjoyed hearing them confidently share their ideas.

Lunchtime clubs in Library, Art and more recently in Gardening where students have been encouraged to share their ideas and be a part of deciding things that can take place at our school.

Inclusion monitors from the East site have enjoyed playing games with students on the West Site.

Thank you, Lisa, for opening the Library at lunchtime on Tuesday!

Band and Rehearsal 

I enjoyed a very quick pop into band rehearsal during week 8 and was very impressed with all that I saw and heard!

Such a great group of students led by David Jenkins who were all thoroughly enjoying their playing together. They were all right into the moment and sounded great!

We look forward to their performances this year.

Student Councillors Meeting 28 March

For the second time since being elected as representatives of their classes for 2023, the School Captains and the Grades 3-6 Student Councillors met last week. We discussed their term 1 highlights and students put forward ideas about ideas/improvements we may like to work on this year to make our school even better.

Thank you to Ivy and Max for their report which follows:

At our last Student Council meeting we talked about what our Term 1 biggest highlights were.

Our top picks were 5/6 Camp, 5/6 sport training and House swimming.

We also talked about what we could do to improve our school. A lot of people said an upgrade to the chicken coop, like fixing the gate. Someone mentioned the icy-pole line organisation could be improved because it takes a while to get your icy-pole.

We thought it would be good to get more donations so we can but more sports equipment.

Mrs Alessi announced the final winner of the new school logo design.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Tree Planting and special assembly 

The Assembly enabled many students to participate and contribute to the day. We appreciate the teachers for helping their students prepare to read an interesting fact about the life of the Queen and the enthusiasm shown by our students in presenting their information.

Fourteen trees have been planted across the school (8 on the west side and 5 on east side) using the grant including the Queen’s Oak Tree at the front of the school.

GPA added a lovely touch by providing a free icy pole/ice-cream to each student at the conclusion of the ceremony and morning tea for parents and staff.

Thank you to Cameron for orchestrating the grant and planning for the planting.

School Council 27 March 2023

The newly elected 2023 School Council met for the first time on Monday and nominated Office Bearers. Congratulations and a big thank you to the following parents for accepting the nomination to take on the roles of office bearers. We are highly appreciative and trust that you find the experience highly rewarding:

President: Supriya Arikarevula

Vice President: Nicole Healy

Treasurer: Sharbani Dhar

Secretary: Kathryn Dench

Thank you to the President, Supriya for providing a report about what was discussed at the Monday 27 March Council meeting.

A fantastic turn out and a fun night for all our families who were able to attend.

The Specialist teaching team: Melinda, Marie, David and Juz combined to create a fun Colour Run Obstacle Course. Extra help by staff to squirt out the colour was greatly appreciated!

Thanks to Avi for taking some lovely pics which we will add to our promo screen in the Office, GPA for organising Wood Stack Pizzas, selling drinks and Juz’ Judes Lemonade Icy Poles and to all our families who made it a success.

GPA has made a great observation that the March Events notice, which Cam and Laura put together, was really helpful for parents to know what was coming up for the month, so recommended that we do one for April too. Please click to see the notice

What a motivating sight to see all our students walking or running around the course on the East Site!

It was a tremendous effort to have everyone doing their absolute best to complete as many laps as possible in the time  on  Wednesday morning.

There was a great abundance of energy and sense of personal best as walkathon lap sheets were stamped each lap by the teachers. Such a positive vibe and such fit students.

Great track work by the parents and preschoolers too!

A big thank you to Lisa for organising the event and to everyone who helped get everything set up. We look forward to the sponsorship money rolling in so as to purchase more great books for our wonderful students to read and borrow and more readers for our home reading program. Please send into school as soon as you can.

Prep (Foundation) to Grade 6 Easter Hat Parade

Thursday 6 April outside on the West Site 11.30 – 12pm approx.

Parents and Friends are welcome to watch the parade!

Thank you to Mr Jenkins and Ms de Bruyn who have been organising the music and singing for the annual Easter Hat Parade and to GPA will be running the annual Easter Raffle.

We greatly appreciate the Easter donations for the raffles. Easter Raffle tickets have been sent home with the eldest child in the family on Wednesday 24 March. If you need more tickets, we have lots you can buy at the parade.

End of Term 1- Casual Dress Day & Gold Coin Donation for the PE Program

This is a final reminder that all students will be dismissed at 2.30pm on Thursday 6 April from their usual site.

Students who are registered for TheirCare will be collected in the usual way. Don’t forget there will be a great Autumn Holiday Program :operating by Their Care; “ where kids love to be” and bookings are now open on 1300 072 410 or go to

The Student Council has voted to donate the proceeds of the gold coin donation to the casual dress day on Thursday to purchase new PE equipment.

Wishing everyone a lovely and safe break and thank you for bringing your energy and positivity to school this term.

As Monday 24 April is Curriculum Day (2) and Tuesday 25 April is a public holiday for ANZAC Day, Term 2 resumes on Wednesday 26 April 2023.

Libby Alessi          Principal

School Council Report

Welcome to 2023 at GHPS! Monday, Mar 27th marked our second school council meeting for  2023. After a remarkably activity packed Term1, we couldn’t have come up with a more exciting opening for this month’s highlights:

  • Highlights
    • Breakfast Club: This has been a wonderful initiative for students! Great work by Cameron White to get the grant and to Ruth Kinyua Smyth and Liz Maloney for their extraordinary efforts is getting this initiative underway! Breakfast is being served with a smile every Tuesday and Thursday before school in the Tuckshop/Gymnasium foyer. Children are loving it!
    • Gym hire: We are grateful to Cameron and Liz leading the Hire/Lease Gymnasium group (Kathryn, Libby) who have been viewing expressions of interest from Sporting groups wishing to use our amazing new facility. This is the culmination of the discussions at the School Council initiated in 2022
    • School Logo – Thanks to all the relentless efforts of our parents-students-teachers community towards the school logo refresh!  In parallel with the rebranded school Houses, the logo redesign process was initiated in 2021. Parents, students and staff have been invited to view the logos and consider which best represented GHPS and our values. We are thankful for the time invested and the feedback provided by students, parents, and staff along the way, and we are excited to soon be unveiling the new logo! 
    • Lisa is promoting the “Little Bookworms” at local Kindergartens. This program will be run in the library for 3-5 year olds. It will commence on Tuesday 28 February from 9-10am.
    • Following the School Council’s endorsement of the Annual Report at this meeting in General Business, the Annual Report was endorsed by DET and it will be presented at the Annual Reporting Meeting (ARM) to the School Community on Monday 8 May. Thank you to the members of the Professional Learning Communities Leadership Team (PLC LS ) who have contributed to the commentary: Cam White, David Jenkins, Melinda Oldham and Shannan Fox.

The Annual Report attests to GHPS meeting:  registration requirements, prescribed standards with the VRQA and compliant with Child Safe Standards. 

Commentary about the performance summary that covers: Student Profile, Achievement in English and Mathematics, and Engagement and Wellbeing. 

    • The national assessment program literacy and numeracy has been completed by students of Years 3 & 5 in Writing, Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation, Reading and Numeracy. Thank you to the staff who have contributed to conducting a smooth process: David Jenkins, Melinda Oldham, John Jacobs, Kamila Krauze, Mikaela Ristos, Marie Kasambalis, Ashleigh Casas, Jasmine Roth and Cameron White. 
  • Glen Huntly Parents’ Association Updates
    • Finance Report – approx profits of $160.00 samosa, $170.00 icy poles, $77.00 cake raffle. Family Fun night totals TBC. 
    • A huge thank you to all parent and staff members for their kind contributions towards Family Picnic, Harmony Day, Icy Poles and Cake Raffle is that they went well
    • Kamila Krauze submitted a GHPS Community Funding Grant of $1K
    • Key Fund-Raising activities – Queen’s Tree planting, Hot Cross Buns Easter Raffle, Mother’s Day, Grandparents/Special People morning tea and Bunnings BBQ
    • Planning underway for a full-scale fete for October 2024; smaller event, scaled down fete for Oct 21, 2023. 
  •   School Council.
    • Once again, congratulations to all the new parent councillors 2023 and we look forward to working together.
      School Council Staff Members: Libby Alessi, Cameron White, David Jenkins, Melinda Oldham, Liz Howard
      School Council Parent Members: Supriya Arikarevula (President), Nicole Healy (Vice President), Kathryn Dench (Secretary), Sharbani Dhar (Treasurer), Noel Duffy, Kristen Howard, Alexis Weekes, Rob Holland & Joseph Yeung
  • Reminders for Term 2
    • Day 1 of the term, Monday 24 April is a pupil free day as it is Curriculum Day for Teachers (Their Care is available for bookings)
    • Tuesday 25 April, ANZAC Day is a public holiday!
    • Wednesday 26 April: Students return to school to start the term 2
  • Enjoy your long weekend and the pupil free day on Mon, 24 April!

Wishing you and your families a wonderful Easter break!

Supriya Arikarevula

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Samit 0B – For showing creativity and effort in our literacy activities this week. Samit, you have improved your focus and increased your confidence to have a go during our whole class reading. You’re a superstar!

Ryker 0B – For showing pride and teamwork in our numeracy lessons this week. Ryker you always do your best in your learning and go above and beyond to help your classmates. You’re such a superstar learner.

Emmy 0D – For your amazing work during our data activities this week. You were able to sort out pictures of farm animals into many different attributes including ‘bigger and smaller’. Great job!

Elaine 0D – For your focus and effort during our literacy session this week about the letter ‘o’. Your Oscar the Octopus craft was bright and colourful, you always show great attention to detail. Great work!

Aradhya 0D – For always showing kindness and respect towards your teachers and classmates. It has been a joy teaching you this term and I wish you all the best at your new school. We will miss you!

Jyotsna 1F – Having such a great attitude to school and learning and always giving 100% in all that she does.

Rishan 1F – For his brilliant efforts in Maths this week learning about friends of 10 and our doubles.

Charlotte 1B – for an amazing week of learning! You have moved up a level on your spelling AND your reader! Well done you!

Queiva 2M – For settling in so well to Glen Huntly Primary School. You work so hard, and we love having you in 2M!

Sofia 2M – For using Mathletics to practise your numeracy skills and understandings at home. Keep it up, superstar!

Shenan 3C – For being a respectful participant in group tasks and for always making an effort to include others in a group. You’re a great example of what teamwork means.

Kanishk 3C – For successfully reflecting on your Reading fluency. You have been a great example of what good fluency sounds and looks like for your peers. Outstanding efforts!

Saambavi 3C – For your well-presented, organised and engaging presentation on Marathi and Italian culture. Your confidence, power voice and ability to remember key information was impressive. Impeccable work!

Layla 3RK – For helping and assisting classmates during digital learning this week. Superstar!

Audrey 3RK – For being a wonderful friend to other students in 3RK this week. Your kindness and care did not go unnoticed!

Avyaan 4A – For your amazing first draft of your tunnel story. You have included fabulous detail and great vocabulary. Well done Avyaan!

Will 4A – for your amazing effort in maths this week. You have been an addition superstar! Keep up the spectacular work!

Dion 4SJ – superb work on calculating the area and perimeter of each letter of his name. I’m impressed with your work Dion!

Dion 4SJ -The relaxed, open and uninhibited way that you got into the music and singing during Japanusic this week. Your inspirational enthusiasm was fantastic! Rock On!

Rory 5/6J – Outstanding camp reflection inserted into your Learning Journey website. The combination of information, expressed in your own unique ‘voice’, and images are very impressive! Congratulations.

Sanvi 5/6J – A brilliantly written letter to your Grade 1 buddy. You wrote with style and confidence, ensuring your buddy will know more about you. You also read this out to the class fluently, broadcasting your voice for all to hear. A great example to your peers. Well done!

Levi 5/6J Music – For being the Musician of the Month. I am so impressed by how you’ve taken to the wonders of the bass guitar! You’ve been practising and woodshedding hard and this has enabled you to learn to play our Party Hats’ songs. Well done, you are a STAR!

Bridget 5/6K – Reading your novel in Literature Circles with fluency, expression and understanding. For always showing leadership and care towards activities and classmates and putting in effort into your Learning Journey website!

Keshav 5/6K – Showing care towards classmates, interest in all activities, modelling organisation to others and for achieving 6 weeks of 20/20 on your spelling tests! Wonderful!

Rhea 5/6K – Adding complex words and vivid description into her narratives and being conscientious with all classroom activities!

Shresta 5/6K – Always putting her utmost effort into all classroom activities and being a wonderful, caring class member!

Aditya 5/6R – for his continued dedication and passion displayed in his sustainability role. Your passion for keeping our world clean is inspiring! Thank you!

Shantanu 5/6R – for his efforts displayed during Literature circles this week. Well done especially for reading with confidence during shared reading time, awesome pace and expression!

Alexa 5/6R – for her sensational word search creation using this weeks spelling words. You had us all stumped trying to find the last word, wicked efforts!

Sport News

Our school has been registered in the wonder bread recycle rewards competition.

We can earn P.E equipment for every 5 kg of wonder bread packaging collected!

Follow the link for more information.

Ms Kasambalis

Max 5/6R and Zac 4SJ joined Caulfield Little Athletics this season.

At the Club Championships on 25/03/23 Zac won the U10 Boys 800m and Max placed 3rd in the U12 Boys Hurdles and 3rd in the U12 Boys Long Jump.

Excellent work boys!

TheirCare News

CLICK HERE to read our End of Term Report and look at our fabulous photos.

GHPS Facebook




Thu 6         Easter Hat Parade and Raffle 11.30am

Thu 6        End of Term 1   Early dismissal 2.30pm



Mon 24    Curriculum Day (Student Free Day)

Tue 25      Anzac Day Public Holiday

Wed 26   Term 2 commences for students


Tue 2      School Photo Day

Thurs 5      House Cross Country – 9.30am

Mon 8      Annual Reporting Meeting

Fri 12       Teeth on wheels at school

Fri 12       Mothers’ Day Stall

15 to 18    Annual Book Fair

Tue 16      School Open Night – 5pm – 7pm

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Thu 18     School Open Morning – 9am

Wed 24    Astronomy Night – 5pm – 7pm


Fri 9         Curriculum Day 3 (student free day)

Mon 12    Public Holiday – King’s Birthday

Fri 16       Grandparents’ & Special Persons’ morning 9.15am -10.30am

Fri 23      End of Term 2 – Early dismissal 2.30pm

Buddies Early Learning Centre at 181 Grange Rd (adjacent to Glen Huntly Primary School) is looking for people interested in working part or full-time with us in our modern facility.

Our 84-place service caters for children between the ages of 1 and 5 in four age-appropriate rooms.

We currently have positions available for educators and cooks.

No previous experience or qualification is necessary, however our educators with no Early Childhood Education qualification will be required to commence formal training whilst working on the job within 3 months of starting with us. We will arrange this training at no cost to our new employees.

What’s essential, is that our applicants have a passion for children’s education and development and wish to be part of a wonderful environment where the team will supply the enthusiasm and support to enable our new team members to flourish.

If you wish to know more, please drop into Buddies at any time and speak to Danya or Bianca at the front desk or call them on 9563 6581 o find out more.



Fee payments and Excursion Permissions and Payments.

All Communication notices regarding excursions will be sent through COMPASS.

Permissions are to be given through COMPASS.

Preferred payment method for Fee payments and Excursions is through COMPASS.

This will allow us to always keep all the correct information available to staff whilst on an excursion.

If you have any questions, please contact the office or see Guide below.

CLICK HERE for Parent’s Guide to Compass

Thank you.